Top 5 Outdoor Photography Locations in Dallas, TX

August 25, 2022

As a Dallas boudoir photographer, I am constantly looking for outdoor photography locations in Dallas. This is especially true for shooting outdoor boudoir sessions, because I prefer secluded spots for my clients. Finding any seclusion within a big city metroplex like Dallas is a big challenge. I have, however, risen to meet that challenge. Below is a list of my favorite outdoor photography locations within an hour of Dallas. Locations 15 miles or more from Denton will result in a small travel fee. I am available for travel for clients wishing for a different backdrop than what DFW can offer. Here is a photography travel location bucket list.


1. Katie’s Woods Park in Grapevine, TX

Katie’s Woods Park is a lake location in Grapevine, Texas. This park is probably my most shot at location in all of my photography career in the Dallas area. Katie’s Woods has it all. It is a free location with easy lake access, cliff like views, and plenty of forest areas. For my clients who want dramatic views, perfect golden hour light, and a dash of forest shots, this is the perfect location. Anytime I have a client who wants a water session, I recommend Katie’s Woods. It’s easy to get in the water, but still offers something different than other lake locations in the Dallas area. Due to it being a public park, however, there is always the chance of a walker by. Although it is a pretty low traffic location, I usually schedule outdoor sessions either at sunrise or on weekdays in order to minimize the possibility of being seen. Katie’s Woods is definitely one of my top outdoor photography locations in Dallas for boudoir sessions.


Woman on a cliff reaching towards the ocean


2. Lewisville Nature Preserve – LLELA in Lewisville, TX

The Lewisville Nature Preserve is a hidden gem within the Dallas area. Located in Lewisville, this preserve is absolutely breathtaking. Unlike most locations in the metropolitan area, LLELA offers dense woods that look more like the East coast than Dallas. Not only does it feature beautiful forest, it also offers a riverside and plenty of open fields. This location does require a bit more walking and exploring, so I recommend this location to those who enjoy spending time in nature and don’t mind the extra 20 minute walks to certain spots.

I absolutely love this spot and highly recommend it to my outdoor boudoir clients. Like Katie’s Woods, this park is public so there is always the possibility of being seen, but I always recommend early mornings and low traffic days to avoid this. As stated previously, this spot is a hidden gem which means I rarely see many people here (and never any photographers) so it’s perfect for seclusion. In fact, I’ve had multiple clients daring enough to get some fully nude shots.



3. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, TX

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is a very well known photography location in Plano, TX. Although it is heavily trafficked compared to Katie’s Woods and LLELA, it is a very large park which allows for secluded areas. Like Lewisville Nature Preserve, Arbor Hills has dense forest unlike other locations within Dallas. Not only does it have beautiful forest, it has a lovely creek that runs through it. In addition, my favorite part about the park are the wildflowers in spring. The entire entrance is covered in thousands of flowers every year. Arbor Hills is the perfect location in Dallas to get your wild flower session.

As if that wasn’t enough, if your shoot lands during a full moon, there is a chance for gorgeous full moon shots! Who doesn’t want a moon goddess moment? As previously mentioned, I recommend a weekday to avoid large crowds and sunrise for any implied nude shots. Since Arbor Hills is a larger park, I also don’t recommend this location to those who don’t enjoy a nature walk. If you are doing an outdoor boudoir session, however, I figure you enjoy nature!



4. Venue in the Woods in Grandview, TX

So, what about my clients who want an outdoor session, but aren’t ready to be naked out in public? That is perfectly understandable, which is why I have two private property options available! Out in Grandview, TX there is a magical venue in the woods! The owner has asked me to not name the business, because they are primarily a wedding venue. I’m sure wedding clients searching their venue only to find a bunch of naked pictures could be a business turn off. Regardless, the owner is so kind in letting me use their venue when they don’t have a wedding going on! It is such a dreamy location and absolutely perfect for clients wanting to be on private property for their session. The venue is out in the country, so it is a little bit of a drive. Regardless, it is absolutely worth it!



5. Morning Star Ranch in Pilot Point, TX

Morning Star Ranch is another private property option in the Dallas area. This location is a recent find of mine so I haven’t had the chance to shoot here, but it sounds incredible! Unlike the woodland venue mentioned above, this outdoor venue does cost extra to rent. Although it costs extra money, the location is well worth it. With over 30 acres, this location offers: large choice of areas ranging from a sandy beach area with willow trees overhanging the lake, to shady wood areas and a large open field with trees.

Not only does this venue have a variety of spots, it also offers many amenities! Some of these include a canoe, tire and wooden swings, peacock chair, vintage furniture, private restroom for changing, and more! For my clients wanting a longer session with different scenery, this location is the perfect solution. In addition, because it is a private property, this allows for nude water sessions with a peace of mind. The locations mentioned above with water are not private, so this is the perfect spot for a water session!


Photos by Morning Star Ranch


Not quite ready for an outdoor boudoir session? Check out my favorite boudoir photography studios in Dallas! There are many beautiful locations in the Dallas area for boudoir photos. Lets plan your dream session today!


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