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May 30, 2022

A Forest Elven Photoshoot in Dallas, TX

Dallas Fantasy Boudoir Photography

I am so excited to share this gorgeous elven photoshoot. Jazmyn and I had plans to collaborate on a creative project for over a year, but with the pandemic and personal matters, we had to postpone several times. This year, however, we were finally able to get together to plan a fantasy boudoir session together. Fantasy photography is some of my favorite sessions to photograph, so combining boudoir and fantasy was a dream come true.

We decided on an elf themed photoshoot with pointy ears and a long white wig. As we planned, we knew an all white aesthetic would translate perfectly against her deep skin tone and woodland setting. I absolutely love the contrast her ensemble has while still remaining simple. I have found that fantasy sessions can become too complicated and don’t translate as naturally. My style of fantasy photography is making “unnatural” images look realistic. I think Jazmyn and I were the perfect and I love the elf photoshoot we created together.

I have so many parks I enjoy shooting at in the Dallas area, but LLELA is probably top of my list. This gorgeous nature reserve in Lewisville, TX is the perfect setting for ethereal sessions like this one. Not only does this location have lush forests, it also has a river area and plenty of fallen trees perfect for posing. If you book an outdoor boudoir session with me, there is a good chance this will be the location we meet at.


Elven woman with long white hair walking through the forest.


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