Outdoor Nude Photography Session

January 28, 2022

Outdoor Nude Photography Session

Outdoor Nude Photography Session in Dallas, TX

Artistic Nude Photographer

Outdoor nude photography is one of my favorite subjects to photograph. In my opinion, there is nothing more beautiful than the human form out in nature. No matter what you believe, we know humans started out naked. Before society deemed the human body sexual and inappropriate, we were a part of nature. Therefore, our bodies yearn for that return. When we drop our ego and focus on being nothing but human, being nude out in nature seems totally natural. When I photograph naked humans, all I see is art. I see bodies who have birthed children, who have overcome traumas, and carried us through life. Unfortunately, many of us are ashamed of our bodies because of society standards. As a boudoir photographer, I am here to remind you have nothing to be ashamed of. Every scar, stretch mark, and curve is a part of your journey. Whether your scars carry heavy burdens or childhood adventures, they are marks of triumph, not weakness. When I photograph my clients nude, especially outdoors, this is what I see. Furthermore, I want you to see the same.

When Phoebe and I planned her outdoor boudoir session, it was like 20 degrees. I always communicate with my clients when the weather is “unfavorable” and allow them to decide if they’d like to reschedule. Phoebe, however, is a bad-ass and said the cold doesn’t bother her. With that in mind, we started our trek into the woods. Believe it or not, her session¬†started with lingerie. Nevertheless, we both quickly agreed naked is better and we didn’t look back. I loved photographing Phoebe’s outdoor nude photography session. She is a bold mother, totally unashamed of her beautiful body and all the trials it has been through. Throughout her photos, you can definitely feel her strength. She reminded me of a wild huntress in the winter cold. Nude photography is dear to my heart and photographing Phoebe brought me so much joy. I can’t wait for spring to photograph even more lovely humans out in nature.


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