United States Destination Photographer Bucket List

December 9, 2021

Mountaintop boudoir session

United States Destination Photographer Bucket List

Destination Elopement Texas Photographer

I recently photographed an elopement and boudoir session in Spokane, Washington. Of course, this experience made me fall in love with travel photography. As a matter of fact, growing up I had always spent a lot of time in The Rocky Mountains, The Appalachian Mountains, and many other incredible locations. After all, my family has always been spread out and although that is sometimes hard, it means I’ve always traveled a lot! Most of my boudoir photography is outdoor boudoir and I’d love to take sessions to the next level. If you are interested in any of these locations, there will be a discount on services as there will be travel expenses added. In my opinion, however, experiences like travel are priceless. Maybe it’s time to take a vacation to one of these locations (or your own dream destination) and get some incredible photos while you’re at it. Lastly, all the photos below are stock images and not my own. Please enjoy this United States destination photographer bucket list!


1) Joshua Tree

First on the list is Joshua Tree National Park in Twenty-nine Palms, CA. Naturally, what draws me to Joshua Tree are the golden sunsets and unique vegetation. I can just imagine the ethereal glowy photos I could take there.  Joshua Tree is secluded enough for privacy and easily accessible, with plenty of quirky Airbnb options. In conclusion, Joshua Tree would be an incredible elopement and outdoor boudoir location.


Joshua Tree Elopement


2) Cannon Beach

Next up on my bucket list is Cannon Beach located on the Oregon coastline. Honestly, I wish I could pitch a tent and live there full time. Of course, like Joshua Tree, Cannon Beach is very accessible. More than likely the beach won’t be as private, but on a weekday early morning I think a boudoir session would be divine. Cannon Beach has fog, cliffs, and all the moodiness you could ask for.


Cannon Beach Elopement Photographer


3) Great Sand Dunes National Park

I have some distinct memories of The Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. My most prominent memory is being extremely sick as a child visiting. Between the fast winds and colder climate, I had the worst ear infection. Unfortunately, this meant I was not able to enjoy the splendor of this location. Between the vast deserts and snowy mountain back drop, this U.S location is unique to itself. Like Joshua Tree, this location is secluded and it’s easy to have the space to yourself. With the right planning, Great Sand Dunes National Park would be a fantastic trip in itself. I am biting at the bit to photograph a desert boudoir session and what better spot than these magical dunes?


Colorado Elopement Photography


4) New York City

Although most of my bucket list contains nature locations, I could not help but add at least one urban location. New York City is one of the most energetic and diverse U.S cities. Firstly, let’s address the plethora of incredible studios to rent. This studio reminds me of a surreal horror film in all the best ways. Not into the surreal vibe? Not to fear, look at this incredible high end studio straight out of a James Bond movie.  Honestly, there are so many amazing photography studios in New York City that I could not possibly post a fraction of them. Secondly, New York has neon nightscapes, gorgeous roof tops, and historical districts. In conclusion, this U.S city is perfect for an elopement and honeymoon in one spot. Plus, to complete the perfect trip, a boudoir session in New York City wouldn’t be a bad idea either.



New York City Elopement Photography


5) Bonneville Salt Flats

I could not pass up the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah for obvious reasons. During certain conditions, the flats are covered in shallow water, creating a beautiful mirror like effect. The salt flats would be the perfect celestial themed shoot or a beautiful spot of an offbeat destination elopement. I am dreaming of ethereal angel wings and lots of cloud double exposures.



Utah Elopement Photographer



6) Rocky Mountain National Park

I think I died when I saw this divine autumn forest. Rocky Mountain National Park is a really large national park in Colorado. Although there are probably dozens (if not hundreds) of gorgeous spots to go in this national park, this trail really stuck out to me. Sprague Lake Loop is under a mile and displays beautiful fall colors through the fall. I can just imagine a gorgeous red lingerie set with these gorgeous fall colors as the backdrop. Magical.



Colorado outdoor boudoir photography


7) Olympic National Forest

The Olympic National Forest in Washington State looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale. Honestly, it doesn’t look like it could be a real place. Between the moss covered trees and the dense fog, this forest is perfect for those wanting an elven wedding or super artistic boudoir wall art. Not far from Seattle, this temperate rainforest isn’t a hard hike is definitely a marvel to see.


Olympic National Forest Elopement


8) Antelope Canyon

If you follow any destination photographers, I am positive you have seen Antelope Canyon in Arizona. This super popular location is popular for a very good reason. Between the gorgeous red stone colors, cave like structures, and unreal directional light, Antelope Canyon is a perfect location for a destination elopement or boudoir session.


Antelope Canyon Elopement


9) The Smokey Mountains

For those on the East coast, The Smokey Mountains in Tennessee is a must see destination. This mountain range gets it’s smoky look from an ever-present deep fog. There are many log cabins and Airbnb’s to rent in the area, making this location an easy destination for an adventurous elopement or moody boudoir session.


Tennessee Elopement Photography


10) Big Sur

The Big Sur is a large area of California that follows the coast. These areas have high cliffs, gorgeous beaches, and a desert vibe. With how massive The Big Sur is, getting intimate photos wouldn’t be difficult. Plus, have all your siren dreams come true on top of these magical cliffs. This location doubles as the perfect road-trip destination.


The Big Sur Elopement


Texas Destination Honorable Mentions |

Texas Elopement Locations

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park is located in south Texas along the Mexico border. I absolutely love this location and I’m sure my other Texans will too. Big Bend has some very unique formations, tons of cacti, and even foggy mountaintops. Plan your perfect Texas destination elopement at Big Bend and I know we will get some epic photos! Plus, the stars at night are like nothing you’ve ever seen!


Big Bend Elopement Photography


Palo Duro Canyon State Park

To those of you in the Dallas Fort Worth area, Palo Duro Canyon is a perfect spot of some adventurous photos. With being only five hours away, this location makes the perfect overnight exertion. If you are on a budget, but still want those destination photos, Palo Duro Canyon is tough to beat while staying here in Texas. Plus, who doesn’t want photos that look like they are on Mars?


Texas Elopement Locations



To my spiritual hippie clients, Marfa is the place for you. Granting you the mid-century modern aesthetic with a tough of alienism, Marfa is the perfect location of a trendy elopement, engagement photos, and even boudoir. Not far from Marfa are The Monahans (see below) which means you can get a two in one with these locations.


Unique Texas Elopement Locations


Monahans Sandhills State Park

To my desert lovers, The Monahans Sandhills State Park is for you. With gorgeous rolling sand hills and cotton candy sunset skies, this location is the definition of dreamy. Plan your Texas destination elopement here in desert and add a boudoir session for the next morning. I promise you will thank me.


Monahans Sandhills Elopement


Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

Last, but certainly not least is the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. For those of you in the Dallas area, this location is the closest mountain range you will find. I have camped here many times and love it more every time I go. You will see wild buffalo hanging out as you drive and the occasional ground hogs. With many large rock formations, small caves, and huge prairies, this mountain range is perfect for a local mountain elopement for the Dallas resident.


Oklahoma Elopement Photographer


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