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January 11, 2022

Boudoir Photography Dallas Fort Worth

Fine Art Nude Photographer in Dallas, TX

Painting Inspired Boudoir Photography

Meeting Julia was like hanging out with an old friend. She is passionate about art and astrology, which instantly connected us. Honestly, there were several times we had to refocus, because we kept getting caught up in conversation. Like many of my outdoor boudoir sessions, my clients opt to strip out of lingerie into the nude. As a fine art nude photographer, I am obviously always okay with that. Of course, I love beautiful lingerie pieces, but the human form is gorgeous all on it’s own. Julia decided to bring a bouquet of flowers which I usually recommend for nude photoshoots. We posed her with different variations of flowers and I love what we came up with!

Not only was Julia daring enough to go nude outdoors for her session, she wanted to experiment with different posing. Between leaning over a boulder to climbing a tree, Julia and I had so much fun creating beautiful nude images. Classical art and painting are always my inspiration while posing my clients, but especially my nude clients. I have an entire session dedicated to recreating painterly poses and I love continuing to incorporate them. Interested in seeing a more witchy nude photoshoot? This session was inspired by Artemis and is still one of my favorite outdoor nude sessions.

Once we left the river area, we noticed the moon rising over the hill where we parked. Julia hurriedly threw on a lingerie dress and posed under the moonlight. We were both so excited over such a magical moment. I love making beautiful art my clients love. As an astrology lover, I Julia will treasure those beautiful moon goddess photos for the years to come.


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Fine Art Nude Photographer

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  1. Peter Jude Fagan says:

    I have an artistic photograph of a completely nude woman who the author painted silver. She is sitting on an uprooted tree trunk. The scene makes it appear as though she is an alien being. I do not remember from where I obtained the photo nor do I know who the author is. Could you help me find out who photographed the woman? I would like to get their permission to use it in one of my works. My e-mail address is

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