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November 30, 2021

Outdoor Boudoir


Rainy Day Outdoor Boudoir Session in Dallas, TX

Beautiful Rainbow Boudoir Photos


Cierra is a college senior at Tarleton University and wanted to gift her fiancé some intimate images in Alaska. I love when my clients gift a boudoir session to their partner as an intimate gift. We planned her outdoor boudoir session and we both were so excited. The day of, however, her session quickly became a rainy day outdoor boudoir session as the rain started to come down on us. Some photographers and clients might be deterred from the rain, but I honestly adore the rain. Between the gentle sounds, the crisp smell, and the moody colors a rainy day provides, I was all for a rainy day boudoir session. Thankfully, Cierra is a fellow outdoors girl and had no problem posing in wet leaves and fallen trees. I love the little raindrops on her skin and the way her skin glowed against the cloudy atmosphere.

As her session went on, the rain began to clear up and we were able to get some incredible shots with a rainbow! We were so excited and dropped everything to get a few shots before the rainbow left us. With her red lingerie and a gorgeous rainbow behind her, Cierra’s boudoir photos quickly became a total dream. I am so excited for her partner to get her album and see these gorgeous photos. Plus, I already have dibs on their Alaskan wedding someday. Totally a win for me in my book.

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  1. Liz says:

    Love the lighting and overall mood in this series! I’m obsessed with the red set! Could you please share where you bought the set and the sheer corset skirt?! Thank you

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