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April 1, 2021

As a Dallas boudoir photographer, I have a lot of experience working out of local studios. In my years living in the DFW area, I have shot at many studio locations. Depending on the package you choose, a studio space is included with your boudoir session. Locations 15 miles or more from Denton will result in a small travel fee. From sultry, to vintage, and all the way to the 16th chapel, there is a studio in DFW to suit your preferences. These are some of the best Dallas photography studios that I recommend (in no particular order) for boudoir.


The Oak Street Studio

The Oak Street Studio is a modern loft style studio located in Denton, Texas. This is one of my most shot at locations as I live right down the street from The Oak Street Studio! I love this location for it’s beautiful lighting, simplicity, and modern aesthetic. This location allows for many different looks which is something I look for in a studio space. I have many clients who enjoy a variety of styles which Is what makes a versatile studio important in my workflow. With many backdrop colors available, beautiful vintage styled couches, and a modern bed setup, The Oak Street Studio is one of my top picks.

Denton boudoir studio

Studio Photo by The Oak Street Studio


2. The Ruscus Studio

The Ruscus Studio is a beautiful space owned by a professional florist located in North Richland Hills, Texas. This space is easily one of my favorite spaces to shoot at. With gorgeous floral installations that change throughout the year, this studio is truly a unique location.

Not only is it super dreamy, but it also offers the option to add a milk bath along with gown rentals. Gowns come in many sizes, styles, and colors so there is something for everyone! I highly recommend The Ruscus Studio to maternity clients, because of the maternity gowns available to rent. Do you crave a modern renaissance session, filled with dreamy light and florals? Yes? Well, then The Ruscus Studio is the perfect choice for you.



3. The Poison Apple Studios 

The Poison Apple Studios  is a modern and moody boudoir studio located in Terrell, TX. With multiple rooms with different looks to choose from, The Poison Apple Studios is definitely a top pick of mine! Whether you are wanting a delicate airy session or dark and sultry, this studio has it all!

The Diamond Room has high ceilings with large, dreamy windows accompanied by lots of greenery and white accents. It’s not only a romantic space, but has the option to be air or moody, depending on what my client prefers. The Obsidian Room is a gorgeous moody space. With black walls, gold accents surrounded by emerald green, this room has all the vibes. This room is perfect for all the plant lovers out there with a plethora of hanging plants and plenty of jungle corners. Lastly, The Ruby Room is the sexiest of the bunch. This room features tons of crimson tones, regal accents, and all the sexiness you could ask for out of a space.

Can’t decide between all the beautiful rooms this location offers? Thankfully, The Poison Apple Studios offers the option to book all three rooms at once so you don’t have to choose.


The Poison Apple Studio boudoir studio

Studio Photos by The Poison Apple Studios


4. Bella Dea Studios

Bella Dea Studios is a luxury boudoir studio located in Fort Worth, Texas. This gorgeous studio is super moody and romantic. Between the dark walls, gigantic ornate mirror, and a plethora of LED candles, this location is both sexy and dreamy. Bella Dea Studios also features a sex swing for those wanting a spicy session, solo or with their partner. I recommend this moody boudoir studio for all my couples as it has the right balance of sexy corners and romantic appeal.


Studio Photos by Bella Dea Studios


5. The Lightroom Studio 

The Lightroom Studio is an artsy and romantic space located in Dallas, Texas. This studio is very close to my make-up artists beauty studio, making this location optimal to those not wanting to drive far. This beautiful space is one of my new favorite finds. The light is absolutely spectacular and dreamy in this studio and the owners are so kind and helpful. My favorite part about The Lightroom Studio is the incredible décor. Between the romantic piano corner, dreamy fireplace setup, and a painting displayed on an easel, this studio is perfect for my more artistic clients. Although this studio does not have a bed, it makes up for it with the beautiful aesthetic. Besides, as someone who does a lot of outdoor boudoir sessions, I am very creative with poses so a bed is not necessary for me to create a beautiful session.


Studio Photos by The Lightroom Studio


6. The McFarland House 

The McFarland House is a historical mansion located in Fort Worth, Texas. This magical location is available for weddings, events, and photoshoots (and surprisingly affordable)! The McFarland House is the perfect location for an engagement session or for a client wanting a more renaissance feel to their session. Not only does this mansion feature a huge staircase and Victorian furniture, but it has tons of dreamy balconies. My photography style is very renaissance inspired, so The McFarland House is the perfect location for those who identify with that style of mine. The possibilities are endless at this incredible mansion.


Venue Photos by Fort Worth Historical Society


7. Dear Meraki Studio 

The Dear Meraki Studio is a bohemian studio located in Dallas, Texas. I remember when I first found this studio space, I instantly fell in love with it. This studio has so many gorgeous decorative features and so much warmth. So many photography studios lean on the cooler side, but this one is warm and painterly. The space reminds me of Spain in all the best ways. The Dear Meraki Studio is perfect for clients wanting a painterly session filled with many beautiful details. In a lot of ways, this studio reminds me of The Lightroom Studio, but includes a bed for clients wanting bedroom shots. I highly recommend this studio to any of my clients.


Studio Photos by Dear Meraki Studio


8. Stem and Light Studio 

Stem and Light Studio is a multi-purpose studio location located in Waxahachie, Texas. What I love about this lovely space is it’s versatility. I have so many clients who love my outdoor boudoir work but aren’t ready to do a fully outdoor session. In addition, I also have clients who want a mixture of indoor and outdoor shots. Stem and Light Studio is the answer. Not only does this studio offer a beautiful interior space, but it also offers several acres of private property along with an adorable greenhouse. I have shot at this space many times and recommend it to any of my clients wanting an outdoor and indoor session. This studio is more out in the countryside, but worth the drive for sure.



9. The Dallas Dreamhaus

The Dallas Dream Haus is literally the 16th Chapel of photography studios. Upon entering, you are swept away from Fort Worth to the Italian Renaissance. The walls are a gorgeous pale blue with tons of gold detailing. Cherubs and vines line the entire venue along with dazzling chandeliers. Not only does this studio have a grand open area upon entering, but it also includes multiple different rooms, including a bedroom and master bath, featuring a heart shaped tub. The backyard includes a stone pavilion paired with angel statues. This studio is a sight to behold, and I definitely recommend it to my clients who love a bit of fantasy.


Venue Photos by Dallas Dreamhaus


10. Eclectic and Witchy Home Studio

Gothic and witchy lovers rejoice for this eclectic home studio is the perfect studio option for you. This vampiric studio is located in Dallas, Texas and does require at least 3 hours. Believe me, however, you will want at least 3 hours in this magical location. This home studio is filled with plants, vintage furniture, and gothic décor. The living room features a beautiful piano, and the bedroom has the moodiest vibes. This Dallas studio space is perfect for Halloween and all my witchy clients wanting a darker session.


Venue Photos by Eclectic and Witchy Home Studio


11. Four Winds Victorian Venues and Suites

Four Winds Victorian Venues and Suites is a venue located in Bonham, Texas. Not sure where Bonham is? I didn’t either, but it’s northeast of Dallas. It’s a little bit of a drive for some, but the location is entirely worth it. Like the McFarland House, this Victorian Manor is a historic location. With three stories filled with Victorian décor and furniture, over 2 acres of wooded property, and an old barn on the property – this mansion truly has it all. This location does require at least 4 hours of rental time but is affordable even with that being the case. Whether you’re wanting an amazing spot to get eloped, an artsy engagement session, or an all-out boudoir experience, this manor is the perfect location.


Venue Photos by Four Winds Victorian Venues and Suites


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