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September 1, 2022

A woman in a white slip dress in the sunlight reaching towards the water on a cliff


Dreamy Lake Photoshoot at Lake Grapevine in Dallas, TX

Siren Inspired Photography


Finding the Ocean in a Landlocked City

Living in the Dallas area means I am nowhere near the ocean. As an artist, this honestly breaks my creative heart. I absolutely love the water and yearn for dreamy sessions on the beach. I will, however, make due with what I have here in Dallas! This lake photoshoot was shot on Lake Grapevine in Grapevine, TX. This location is so beautiful and fulfills my need to have an ocean session someday. With the rocky cliffs, blue water, and incredible sunsets, this lake location is one of my favorite for sessions. Interested in seeing my favorite outdoor photography locations in Dallas? Click here to see my latest blog post where I list out all my faves!

Planning Whitley’s Ethereal Photo Session

When Whitley and I were planning her session with me, we decided on a goddess type theme. She bought this headpiece from Amazon as well as the arm cuffs. I was very surprised with the quality with how affordable these accessories were. Adding jewelry and other elements to a photoshoot can truly complete a look. I always recommend my clients consider accessories along with their lingerie or wardrobe. When planning for this siren inspired shoot, I knew I had to incorporate the moon somehow. After some brainstorming, I found these moon mirrors. Obviously, they turned out to be the perfect prop for her ethereal session.

I am really excited to share how I came across this dreamy slip dress. Those of you who keep up with my blogs and social media know I am into thrifting. Finding vintage lingerie, robes, and fabrics at a thrift store is so satisfying to me! Plus, when you thrift something, you more than likely have a unique item! I was at Goodwill last year and I always frequent the lingerie section to see if I can find any treasures. I noticed some nightgowns and began digging through them. To my utter surprise, there was a vintage Dior slip-dress in perfect condition. Honestly, I was kind of dumbfounded. Finds like that are usually snatched up by the employees so I felt incredibly lucky that day. When Whitley and I were going over her session details, I knew she was meant to wear the Dior gown I had found.

Whitley’s Photography Review

“Heather was such a spectacular and professional photographer. We’d planned our shoot months in advance and it came out more magical than I could’ve imagined. She made me feel like a true ethereal being. Not only did she provide some of the wardrobe herself, but made sure we got the perfect shot before moving on. She met me so early in the morning with a great attitude and easy directions. I loved every minute.”

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Woman at lake grapevine on a cliff in the sunlight Beautiful woman with the moon wrapped around her face. Model with red hair embracing the moon at the ocean. Woman with red hair in a white slip dress and wearing a crown sitting on a cliff at the ocean. Beautiful woman with tattoos with red hair wearing a gold crown. Model sitting on a cliff at the ocean with fabric flying behind her. Beautiful model with tattoos and red hair wearing a white slip dress in the sunlight.



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