A Return to Renaissance | Dallas Nude Outdoor Boudoir Session

September 23, 2019

Getting Together

Michella is a model from Austin, TX and she drove all the way to the Dallas area to collaborate with me! You can view her Instagram portfolio here! I had this painting inspired nude outdoor boudoir session in mind for a long time and I’m so happy with the final results! When we connected through Instagram, I knew she would be the perfect model to make this idea into a reality. She has a natural Renaissance style air about her and her features are naturally so painterly. Honestly, I was counting down the days that we would finally collaborate!


Painterly Inspiration

The female body has been the inspiration for artists for hundreds of years. Nude paintings, specifically, are some of the most famous and critically acclaimed in history. It was only natural for me to find inspiration in the medium that pioneered the nude art genre. Painters have the ability to create the perfect pose. For hours they perfect every facial expression, hand placement, and colors of their piece. Although there are so many paintings I find so much inspiration in, there were a few that stood out to me most. I have included the inspiration for several of these images below. My aim was to not only recreate these poses, but to put my own take on them as well.


Future Sessions

I continue to take so much inspiration from paintings and other forms of art for all of my sessions. Are you deeply inspired by paintings too? Let’s connect and book your own painterly boudoir session. Not ready to dive into a nude outdoor boudoir session, but still want a painterly styled session? Click here to see Shelby’s dreamy sunrise session!



Nude Outdoor Boudoir Session
Painterly Boudoir Poses
A Bacchante, Ferdinand Leeke, 1859-1923
Nude Outdoor Boudoir Session
Dallas Nude Photographer
Boudoir Inspiration from Paintings
Psyche Abandoned, Jean-Joseph Taillasson, 1745-1809
Nude Outdoor Boudoir Session
Dreamy Artistic Nude Photography
Outdoor Implied Nude Pose
Dallas Moody Boudoir Photographer
Laying Outdoor Boudoir Pose
Outdoor Boudoir Painting Pose
Wood Nymph, Ralph Albert Blakelock, 1847-1919
Suzanne, Auguste-Alexandre Hirsch, 1800
Boudoir Poses from Paintings
Orpheus’s Sorrow, Pascal Adolphe Jean Dagnan-Bouveret, 1852-1929
Eve, Anna Lea Merritt, 1885
Academia Del Natural, Joaquin Sorolla,1887
Nude Boudoir Inspiration
Desnudo femenino, Joaquín Sorolla, 1886
Psyche, Claude-Marie Ferrier and Sir Hugh Owen , 1851
Nude Boudoir Pose
Reclining Nude, Zinaida Serebriakova, 1927



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