Dallas Boudoir | Celestial Boudoir Photography Session

November 8, 2022

A woman with blonde hair kneeling on an orange couch while holding up a moon lamp above her head.


Dallas Boudoir Photography Session

Celestial Inspired Boudoir with Moon Lamp and DIY Cloud Backdrop

When Jess first contacted me, she immediately told me her vision. As a gift for her husband, Jess wanted a boudoir session that truly captured her. We brainstormed a bit and ultimately came up with a celestial inspired boudoir session. As a Dallas boudoir photographer, I assist visions come to life all the time. This boudoir photo shoot was so much fun to plan and I absolutely love the final results.

Firstly, Jess saw my angel boudoir session and knew she immediately wanted the DIY cloud photo setup. Thankfully, I saved all the polyfil from my previous sessions and could easily recreate that for her. I recommended she bring a moon lamp and outfits that fit the ethereal theme we came up with. She not only brought beautiful wardrobe choices, but also had her best friend tag along who is also a make-up artist. For the final setup, Jess had her friend add some creativity to her make-up look. I absolutely love how her wardrobe, make-up, and our combined accessories created such a gorgeous celestial photo shoot.

Creative boudoir sessions like this one are some of my favorites to create and share. I love seeing how my clients come to life during their shoot and truly embody the visions we come up with. All my clients claim to not be photogenic or “know what to do”, but that’s why you hire me as your boudoir photographer! I pose, direct, and ensure your vision comes to life in the best way possible.


Artemis photo A beautiful woman with angel wings holding the moon in her hands. A beautiful naked woman with angel wings with the moon.

A woman with angel wing posing in a Dallas photography studio. A woman wearing angel wings while posing in dreamy window light.

A beautiful model with blonde hair in a sheer black dress from Shein.

A beautiful woman in rhinestone lingerie.

A beautiful woman wearing lingerie laying in a bed of clouds in a Dallas boudoir studio. A woman with blonde hair wearing lingerie posing in a cloud photo backdrop with the moon.


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