Ethereal Angel Wing Boudoir Photos | DIY Cloud Photography Backdrop

April 24, 2022

Angel Wing Boudoir

Angel Wing Boudoir Photos in Dallas, TX

DIY Cloud Photography Backdrop

I am so excited to share this beautiful angel wing boudoir session! Owning angel wings for my clients has always been on my wish list and one of my clients was kind enough to donate them after their session! As a result, angel wings are now available for rent for boudoir sessions. Fantasy themed boudoir photography is so much fun and these angel wings are the perfect accessory for clients wanting something magical.

Jillian and I had been discussing working together for a while, so I was so excited when we finally planned a photoshoot together! I had just been given these gorgeous angel wings. Therefore, you better believe I was so excited to get creative with them! The Oak Street Studio in Downtown, Denton was the perfect location for her angel wing boudoir session. Between the soft natural light, giant windows, and warm tones, this studio is my typical location for my boudoir sessions.

In addition to the angel wings, I wanted to create an entire cloud like scene. Creating the cloud photography setup was very simple. In order to achieve this look, I used Polyfil which can be found on Amazon! I went to work and covered the entire bed in Polyfil to create a literal bed of clouds. I love how the clouds added another element of dreaminess to the session. This cloud photography backdrop is available for future sessions and I cannot wait to use it all again!


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