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May 1, 2022


Male Boudoir Photography in Dallas, TX with Angel Wings

Self-Love with Boudoir Photography

Chad has been a client of mine for approximately a year now and I have loved seeing his growth. Boudoir photography, including male boudoir, can be incredibly healing. Many of us have lived our lives trying to change how we look, often to our detriment. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel our best in our bodies, but we can quickly get obsessed with our appearance. Boudoir brings us to a place of feeling venerable in the body we are currently in. Most of us aren’t mindful of the present, but always looking forward to the “day” we are happy with ourselves. I am here to tell you, that day does not exist. The only day that does exist, is today. That means you need to love the way you are in the present, even if your journey involves goals regarding your appearance.

For Chad, I have seen him transform from slightly unsure about being in front of the camera to true confidence. Having gone through trauma, Chad has shared with me how boudoir photography has transformed his life. He has purchased many canvases from me and his home is a small art museum, featuring his accomplishments in healing his inner child. Clients like Chad remind me of why I do what I do. I love helping others discover both their inner and outer beauty. Boudoir is for everyone at every stage of their journey to self-discovery. I am so happy that Chad has found his wings and that I was a part of that journey.

What drew you to hire Heather as your boudoir photographer?

Heather and I have worked together on many projects now and it is her honest character.  A year ago before we met, I was in such a deep rabbit hole.  Heather kindness, time, and concern helped me feel free of a lot of baggage.  Being a care giver in this time is not easy and it beat me up.  Heather came up with the idea of the angel wings, and it truly helped me find my lost soul.

What was your favorite part of the boudoir experience?

Knowing the wings came from Ukraine made the moment special and just the “let go” of me.  I didn’t hide behind wardrobes, instead I was a human being that found himself.  I enjoyed the lingerie, being nude, the robe and praying angel position.

How did your boudoir photos make you feel?

I felt free, free of a whole deep past and able to walk away from things left that also caused pain.  I have never felt as alive and happy as I do now.  You can see pictures from the pain at first session, to a man who felt amazing.

Would you recommend Heather as a male boudoir photographer?

I would shout to call Heather from top of Mt Everest, to the Empire State Building, be King Kong carrying a banner up the building to call Heather at Royal Lune.  No one is as professional, kind, and considerate as Heather is. It truly is such  a blessing and honor to work with a friend and kind person as Heather.  I trust her, beyond anything.  She is amazing.


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