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December 13, 2022

Maternity Boudoir Photography in Dallas, TX

Outdoor Nude Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity photography, especially maternity boudoir, is especially magical to me. When Taylor came to me wanting a fully nude outdoor maternity session, I was very excited. Like all boudoir photographers, I love beautiful lingerie and accessories, but nothing beats a totally nude photoshoot for me. Simply focusing on the female form, especially its growing new life, is a very powerful experience as an artist. This being said, I am very excited to share this Dallas maternity photography session.

Taylor and I spoke extensively regarding her vision and expectations. I love when my client has an artistic eye as it feels very collaborative. Although she had an idea of what she wanted her photos to look like, she gave me entire artistic freedom. As an artist, the balance between a client’s vision and my artistic direction is very important to balance. I believe Taylor and I worked incredibly well together creating the perfect painterly maternity photoshoot.

Many of my clients are often curious of how I am able to shoot entirely nude photos in the Dallas area. I have an agreement with a local wedding venue owner and am able to use their venue when it is not in use. Due to our agreement, I am not able to state the name of their venue. The answer to this question, however, is that I shoot these outdoor nude sessions on private property. This enables my client and I to focus on creating beautiful images and not on a possible passerby. As an outdoor boudoir photographer, I am used to photographing clients out in public areas. The difference, however, is wearing lingerie in public is legal while public nudity is not. I have been guilty of sneaking a few nude shots in public parks, but not an entire session.



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