Best Dallas Studios for Boudoir

April 1, 2021

As a Dallas boudoir photographer, I have a lot of experience working out of local studios. In my years living in the DFW area, I have shot at many studio locations. When you book with me, your session fee includes a studio space. Between industrial, to vintage, and all the way to the 16th chapel, there is a studio in DFW to suit your preferences. These are some of the best Dallas studios for boudoir that I recommend (in no particular order).

1. The Dark Loft

The Dark Loft is located in Downtown Dallas and is one of the best Dallas studios for boudoir. It is the perfect blend of modern in vintage, with velvet and silk textures. If you love plants, emerald green, candles, and clawfoot tubs, this is your studio. The owners are absolutely wonderful and the building is easily accessible with easy street parking. I love the way all the rich gem tones photograph in this studio as well as the crazy amount of variety present. Click here to see Julia’s gorgeous session at The Dark Loft!

The Dark Loft Studio Dallas

2. The Dallas Dream Haus

The Dallas Dream Haus is literally the 16th Chapel of photography studios. Upon entering, you are swept away from Fort Worth to the Italian Renaissance. The walls are a gorgeous pale blue with tons of gold detailing. Cherubs and vines line the entire venue along with dazzling chandeliers. Not only does this studio have a grand open area upon entering, but it also includes multiple different rooms, including a bedroom and master bath, featuring a heart shaped tub. The backyard includes a stone pavilion paired with angel statues. This studio is a sight to behold and I definitely recommend it to my clients who love painterly vibes. Click here to view Nikki’s gorgeous fantasy gown photo shoot at this location!

The Dallas Dream Haus Studio

3. Stem and Light Studio

Although not properly in Dallas, Stem and Light Studio is a Waxahachie treasure. I honestly do not hear enough photographers using this gorgeous space. Stem and Light is very similar to The Lumen Room in it’s airy aesthetic, but features an outdoor space including a greenhouse! This studio offers gorgeous natural light, modern furniture, industrial windows, colored backdrops, a large open field, and a lovely decorated greenhouse. I recommend this studio to clients who are torn between a studio and outdoor session. With an extra hour booked, this studio provides both an indoor session and outdoor session, all in a days time. Want to see a session shot at Stem and Light? Click here to see my latest session at this location!

Stem and Light studio

4. The Lumen Room

This list would not be complete without The Lumen Room. With three (and counting) locations in DFW, The Lumen Room offers several options. All three locations are bright white equipped with modern furniture. My favorite location is the Plano location as it includes a warm red exposed brick. In my opinion, this warmth gives the studio a more dynamic and cozy look. For my clients who adore modern vibes and soft light, this is the perfect Dallas studio for you.

The Lumen Room

5. Retro Futuristic Loft

This retro futuristic loft is a rentable space through Peerspace, which is the studio version of Airbnb. Although there are many spaces listed on the platform, this retro futuristic loft is so unique and whimsical. I am a sucker for semi-ugly vintage furniture, complimentary colors, and fun retro accessories. Between the arm chairs, 70’s TV, and shaggy rug, this studio is the perfect find for my hippie clients.

Dallas boudoir photography

6. Industrial Loft

Last, but certainly not least, is this gorgeous industrial loft. One of my favorite Dallas studios used to be The Silo in Downtown Dallas, but it unfortunately went out of business (here is to hoping it returns someday). Since then, I have been on the hunt for a similar looking venue. This loft on Peerspace is a really great alternative to The Silo. It features the same concrete floors, huge industrial windows, a metal spiral staircase, direct light, and even comes with velvet couches and a bathtub. This studio is a match made in heaven for my clients wishing to have a more shadow centered session along with industrial vibes.

Dallas boudoir studio


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