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May 16, 2021

Kimberly booked a boudoir Dallas session back over the holidays. Unfortunately, she wanted an outdoor session and December is hardly the right time for that. We later decided we would reschedule for the Spring time. We finally photographed her outdoor boudoir session and it was absolutely magical. Kimberly is from Houston and works in the medical industry. She told me my style was really unique and worth the drive from Houston. Her words exactly: “Your pictures are not just pictures, they look like art, and that’s what I love.”  Excuse me while I go cry. Although Spring is perfect for outdoor boudoir sessions, the rain can unfortunately put a damper (no pun intended) on things. Stem and Light studio was the perfect in-between. This modern studio offers an indoor space alongside a gorgeous greenhouse. I used this location previously for a past client. You can see that session here!

We began her session outdoors since she wanted the majority of her photos to be in nature. I love the vibe the outdoor green house gives to her outdoor boudoir photos. She brought a white sheer to pair with her lingerie, which really created a beautiful setting for her photos. Believe it or not, these photos were all taken at the brightest tie of the day. Most photographers shy away from the high-noon sun, but I honestly thrive in it. I use a soft focus filter from Prism Lens FX which gives my photos a soft, dreamy look. This filter diffuses the harsh light into glowy, gorgeous lighting. After spending the first hour of her photo shoot outdoors, we headed indoors where we used some beautiful back lighting paired with their gorgeous emerald green couch.

Photographing Kimberly’s session was such a joy and I cannot wait to hopefully do it again in the future. This studio is the perfect location for my clients wanting both an indoor and outdoor experience. If you are wanting to see what other studios I recommend, click here to read my list of favorite Dallas photography studios.

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Boudoir Dallas | Greenhouse Boudoir Photos


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