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April 5, 2021

Firstly, stepping into The Dallas Dream Haus was like entering the 16th Chapel. Second, I knew this would be the perfect location for Nikki’s Dallas fashion photography session. In addition to my amazement, I was so excited for Nikki to arrive. Not only did I know she would love this studio, I knew it would match her vision perfectly. Nikki is a Dallas fantasy dress designer and hires me multiple times a year to photograph her creations (you can see her dryad fantasy photos with me here). In light of her newest creation, we immediately got to work planning out her photo shoot. At first I browsed through fancy hotels and high end venues throughout DFW. Nikki wanted a ballroom vibe and I was on the hunt. One of my fellow photographer collogues mentioned this venue to me. When I researched the studio via Instagram, I was immediately sold.  Of course I hastily sent Nikki the location for her approval. She obviously wholeheartedly approved.

We began her session with her Capricorn gown. Nikki described Capricorn as a whimsy warrior. To capture this character, Nikki brought a rapier. The sword added a lot of character and dynamic posing to her session. After her first set, Nikki changed her character completely. Between adding a silver wig, a crown, and a mid-night blue gown, Nikki quickly became an ethereal queen. One of the rooms included a broken mirror and I love how we used this for some creative images. The Dallas Dream Haus not only has a gorgeous interior, but it also includes a small yard. Within the courtyard lies a beautiful gazebo framed by statues. I love the way Nikki’s silver wig seemed to glow into the clouds.

In all, The Dallas Dream Haus was the perfect location for Nikki’s fantasy gown photo shoot. I definitely recommend this studio for portrait and boudoir sessions. If you are interested in booking this studio for a photo shoot, contact me so we can start planning your own dream session! You can see Nikki’s other designs by following her on Instagram, which I highly recommend.

Dallas Fashion Photography | The Dallas Dream Haus Studio


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