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March 1, 2023

Fantasy Boudoir Photography in Oklahoma

Fairy Photoshoot in the Mountains

Fantasy has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. The first book I ever enjoyed was The Hobbit and my favorite movie was The Last Unicorn. As I grew up, this has hardly changed. Between reading fantasy books, playing RPG video games, and loving shows like Game of Thrones, fantasy is alive and well in my life. When I first started my photography journey, I shot a few fantasy themed sessions for fun and never thought I’d had the pleasure of fantasy photography becoming a part of my business. The idea of fantasy boudoir photography is a dream come true. Combining my love for fantasy along with helping others improve their relationship with themselves is everything I could hope for.

A Group Styled Boudoir Photoshoot

The idea of a group boudoir photoshoot has lived in my mind rent free for a while. I was so excited when Angel, Brittany, and Bonnie agreed to travel to Oklahoma with me for a weekend of fantasy boudoir magic. The Wichita Mountains in southern Oklahoma was the perfect location within close proximity to Dallas. After planning for a few weeks, I was able to nail down the wardrobe and general styling. I am so excited to share the results from our travels.

Fantasy Boudoir Concept

The concept for this fantasy boudoir photoshoot was based around Dryads. Dryads are mythical spirits taking the forms of trees and are known to be unbelievably beautiful. If I had it my way, I would have done a fully nude photoshoot, but it’s not always possible to do so in parks like this one. Instead, I decided to glue moss to everyone’s chests to create a bra-like appearance while still keeping the nude-like look. This allowed me to have a similar aesthetic without getting kicked out of the park. For bottoms, I glued moss and other nature elements to thongs to still keep to the concept, but keeping nudity laws in mind. We added some elf ears and called it a whole fantasy boudoir look.

Outdoor Boudoir in The Wichita Mountains

Shooting this fantasy boudoir session was a dream come true, but also only the beginning. Not only do I have plans for many more travel based boudoir sessions like this one, but I am offering this for clients! Inspired by this session and want an outdoor boudoir session without having to travel too far from Dallas? Let’s plan your next session in the Wichita Mountains! I can’t wait to plan more mountain boudoir sessions at locations like this one.


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