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April 28, 2022

Couples Boudoir Photography in Dallas, TX

Artistic Couples Boudoir Session

I absolutely loved photographing this Dallas couples boudoir session! Kevin and Jess were so much fun to photograph and you could tell right off the bat how much chemistry they have. We opted for simple outfits, because we wanted the focus of the session to be on intimacy. Couples boudoir can feel a little awkward at the start, which is why I usually begin with simple posing direction. With this in mind, I had them face one another and touch foreheads and hold one another.

Once I saw them become more comfortable, I went ahead and posed them in a more sensual position. I could tell they were feeling it immediately which meant I stood back and allowed their chemistry to shine through. Most of my couples feel a bit uncomfortable going into a couples session, but then they realize all they have to do is interact with their partner, which changes everything. Ultimately, my goal as a Dallas couples boudoir photographer is to capture who you are as a couple.

Depending on my clients, I also love adding some artistic flair to the session. I could tell Jess and Kevin were up for anything so we went for some painterly type poses as well. Of course, I had to incorporate hand poses as I love the tenderness they bring. I loved photographing these two beautiful souls and their connection. Couples boudoir brings me so much joy and I can’t wait to book more of them in the future!

“I recently did a couples boudoir shoot with Heather at a studio in Denton. My partner was a little bit nervous going in, but he warmed up quickly. Heather is so easy to talk to and we just laughed and chatted our way through the whole time. She put on music in the background to create a relaxing vibe and she’s very good at directing you how to pose (I am by no means a professional model). I felt so beautiful and confident during and after once I saw how gorgeous the photos were. Heather is an artist! And the bonus is she really set us up to have a romantic day after that. It was a fantastic experience all around! Go book a couples session with Heather!”

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