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March 13, 2023

Male Boudoir Photos in Dallas, TX

Embracing the Feminine

As a woman who offers male boudoir photos in Dallas, I have so much to say regarding men and boudoir. Chad has been a client of mine for a while now and his journey is inspiring. Having struggled with mental health throughout his life, he was at a boiling point when he contacted me for a boudoir session. During his first session with me, I could tell he was nervous but determined to heal his inner demons. So many of my clients have a similar story to this. For many, a boudoir session is a brave act of self love. For Chad, it was the thing that changed his life. Men are pressured, like women, to present a certain way. This is so damaging for everyone. I have always believed that all people should dress in the way that makes them feel best within themselves. After Chad’s first boudoir session with me, he began his journey in embracing his inner femininity and fully accepting himself through art.

Emotional Healing through Boudoir

Out of the many shoots you’ve had so far, which has been your favorite/meant the most to you?

“My favorite sessions so far have been the our recently fairy wing photoshoot and angel session from last year. Not a boudoir session, but I also love my photos with my dog Sam from last year as well.”

Do you have a favorite photo? If so, which one? 

“One of the shots of Sam looking into my eyes is one of my all time favorites. All the moth wing photos where I look strong as well as the angel wing shots are very close to my heart.”

How has boudoir photography helped you heal from shame and body issues? 

“Seeing my soul for what it is and not through a lens of material things like clothes has been so healing for me. I feel like me for the first time.”

Why did you choose Heather as your boudoir photographer?

“Heather cares and is there for the journey.”

What would you tell other people if they were scared to do a boudoir session?

“Don’t be afraid. You will see yourself, maybe for the first time as a beautiful soul, not just a body.”




  1. Chad Burton says:

    Heather, Thank you so much! So happy!

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