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February 15, 2023

Dallas Male Boudoir Photography

Men’s Boudoir Photography in Dallas, TX

As a boudoir photographer, I am a firm believer in all bodies being celebrated. I not only photograph humans of all ages and body types, but all genders as well. Many female boudoir photographers reject the idea of photographing men’s boudoir, but I am fully accepting of men being given the space to celebrate their bodies. Richard contacted me about booking a nude boudoir session with me as a surprise to his wife. He communicated to me that he had lost a significant amount of weight and really wanted to celebrate his body. I love when my clients not only want to gift their partner with an intimate gift, but also wish to celebrate their body. Keep reading to learn more about the process of these Dallas male boudoir photos.

Male Boudoir Photoshoot Preparation

After Richard went through the booking process with me, we began planning his session. He conveyed he wanted an “in-home” look for his boudoir session so we went with an Airbnb location. I chose this Airbnb location due to it’s minimalistic design which allowed us to focus on the fine art direction he desired. When choosing an Airbnb or hotel as a location for a Dallas boudoir session, I always look for minimal decorations, modern bedding, and ample light sources. Not only did this location have all of this, but it also included a standup shower. When able, I love incorporating a shower or bath at the end of an Airbnb session. I mean, what is sexier than wet hair?

The Importance of Male Boudoir Photography

In our society, there is so much division amongst men and women. The toxicity of male culture perpetuates the idea that vulnerability is a weakness. This not only effects women, but it equally hurts men. By not practicing authenticity, men miss out on the beauty of intimacy. Boudoir photography, in my opinion, is one of the highest expressions of vulnerability. Due to this, I believe that accepting men into boudoir spaces is so important. Our society won’t mend without the healing of patriarchal wounds, like the idea that men who expose love themselves are weak. Whether a male client desires to celebrate their body, explore presenting more feminine, or gift their significant other with an intimate session, they are welcome with Royal Lune Photo.

*Note: this session was edited in both color and monochrome, but I wanted to showcase this session in black and white only.

Nude man laying on a bed with a sheet partly covering him.


  1. Chad Burton says:

    Thank you for caring for male. Your work has made such a difference in my life.

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  3. Richard Murphy says:

    Just now saw this post. Thank you so much for a positive experience. Cannot recommend you to others enough.

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