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May 25, 2022

denten boudoir session at the oak street studio

Denton Boudoir Session in Downtown, Denton

Boudoir Photoshoot at The Oak Street Studio in Denton, TX

Mariana is a dear friend I’ve had the honor of knowing for almost 20 years. When we met in 8th grade, we were both awkward middle schoolers living in the early 2000s. After graduating high school, Mariana went on to NYU while I moved to Texas for college. Although we live across the country, we make a point of visiting each other every few years. This time around, Mariana opted for a Denton boudoir session for this years visit. We planned her trip and made sure to plan her boudoir along side her visiting me.

The Oak Street Studio in Denton is the perfect location for my studio boudoir sessions. I recently relocated to Denton from Fort Worth, so this session is right around the corner from me! Between the floor to ceiling windows, backdrops, and simple furniture sets, this studio is my favorite for local boudoir photography. At first, Mariana wanted an outdoor boudoir session, but we opted for a studio location due to the weather. Honestly, I am so happy we went with this studio on the Denton Square as it suited Mariana’s style perfectly!

Before every boudoir session, I always make sure I understand my clients vision. Mariana’s style is natural with an elegant vibe. We went with mostly a black and gold look paired with a lace robe from my client closet. I love the lingerie she brought from Victoria’s Secret and was honestly surprised by how awesome their newer collections are. I have so many brands I absolutely love and have created a client recommendation list. I love helping clients pick their wardrobe and assisting in the styling process. In the end, this session with Mariana was so much fun and I loved every minute of it.


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