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December 14, 2020

First, I just have to get this out of the way: Amanda is not wearing a wig. That white beautiful hair is indeed her own hair. Now that that’s out of the way, lets talk about these beautiful film inspired boudoir photos. I absolutely love old film portrait photography. One of my favorite photographers ever is Anne Brigman, a nude photographer from the early 20th century. Photographers like her inspire me so much. I love the way film bring about a sense of nostalgia and dreaminess.

In order to create the beautiful haze in these photos I used a simple trick. By putting Vaseline on a clear UV filter I was able to have this gorgeous glow. The majority of these photos were shot during the brightest time of day, which I would typically try to avoid. With my DIY hack, however, that bright light transformed the entire session. Amanda looks so angelic and gorgeous throughout her film inspired boudoir session.

I am a firm believer that texture is almost everything when it comes to creating creative photos. I love using materials like tulle to bring not only different colors to the photos, but texture as well. Don’t be surprised when I show up to your session with a bag of fabrics and different filters, because well, I like to keep things interesting.

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Film Inspired Boudoir Film Inspired Boudoir Film Inspired Boudoir Film Inspired Boudoir Film Inspired Boudoir


Film Inspired Boudoir

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