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December 8, 2020

I am so excited for you to see these beautiful Fort Worth spring boudoir photos! Sara is a mother and a beautiful soul. I always love seeing her and catching up on life and where we both are on our self-love journeys. She hired me previously for an indoor session at an Airbnb. You can view that session here! Sara contacted me after seeing so many of my dreamy outdoor boudoir sessions and knew she wanted one of her own. 

The first outfit Sara wore was just breathtaking. I love the way sheer materials look in outdoor boudoir sessions. The color was so flattering of her features and gave the entire session an ethereal vibe. We explored the park a bit and found some incredible little pockets of light. One of my favorite things about outdoor boudoir is the availability of dynamic light. As I say throughout most of my sessions, “I follow the light.” Photography is all about light and its one of my favorite ways to be creative during my boudoir sessions!

Sara’s other outfit was a bit sexier and we had a blast playing with different angles. I love how we captured the sky with her curves and the way nature elements extenuate the female form. I had such an amazing time with these Fort Worth spring boudoir photos. Keep scrolling to read Sara’s testimonial and her amazing boudoir photos!

“The boudoir session made me feel like I was connecting with my femininity and sexuality. Something I feel I neglected for some time. Before seeing my photos, I felt very excited and anxious. I knew I’d love them and I do! If you are thinking about doing a boudoir session, I would encourage you to do so and be yourself! Don’t worry about looking silly, because the photographer knows how to work your angles and light to capture you! Connecting with  parts of ourselves we repress or forget about and being able to to see ourselves through the eyes of others is a benefit of boudoir. Heather is relaxed, encouraging, and has a beautiful vision. She is an amazing artist.”


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Fort Worth Spring Boudoir Photos

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