Fort Worth Creek Boudoir Session | Water Boudoir Photography Inspiration

February 26, 2020

I hope you fall in love with this Fort Worth creek boudoir session as much as me! Ninfa was so fun to photograph and truly embodied her inner goddess. When searching for a creek location for her water boudoir photo-shoot, I knew Oakmont Park in Fort Worth would be perfect. The clear water, lush trees, and warm sun created the perfect vibe for Ninfa’s session. Outdoor boudoir sessions are some of my favorite sessions to photograph. I love how dynamic nature is and what that provides for each session. Nature is different every time we step into a new day. No matter how many time I shoot at Oakmont Park, every session turns out unique. Whether its the sun, the wind, or the season, nature always provides a new backdrop. There are many reasons I love to photograph boudoir outdoors, but the unique atmosphere is at the top of my list. A lot like handmade pottery, no outdoor session can be replicated. To me, this fact mirrors every person I photograph. Embracing who you are as a unique human being is the very reason I photograph boudoir in the first place.


Want to know more about outdoor boudoir sessions and why I love them so much? Click here to visit my blog post where I outline exactly why I love nature boudoir so much!


Laying down outdoor boudoir poseGirl laying on her back arms above her head

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Fort Worth Creek Boudoir Session | Water Boudoir Photography Inspiration

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