Five Reasons I love Outdoor Boudoir

February 2, 2020


1. It Takes Nerve

Most of us haven’t been naked in the great outdoors since we were too young to remember it. Unless you are an avid skinny dipper, chances as you have very little experience being naked out in nature. It takes a bit of an adventurous spirit to strip down in the woods, but believe me, the outcome is worth it. So, if you have the nerve, I definitely recommend an outdoor boudoir session!

Outdoor Boudoir

2. Freedom

Like I said earlier, you probably haven’t had many experiences being naked outdoors since you were a child. When you were very young, chances are you were carefree, oblivious to any body insecurities or society shaming. When you decide to shoot your boudoir session outside, a piece of that child comes back. It’s not all about how you look, but how you feel. With the wind in your hair, the earth under your feet, and the sun on your face, it’s hard not to feel anything but free.

Dallas Outdoor Boudoir

3. The Earth is Female

This reason is more on the spiritual side, but I think I’m including it because it makes outdoor boudoir feel even more magical. Many say the moon is connected to women through our cycles. You see this connection throughout mythology, where most moon deities are women. The Earth is often called our Mother, providing and giving new life everyday. Our world is rich with life and we are a part of that. Take it or leave it, but I think as women, we have a special relationship with our planet. This connection is what I love to photograph.

Dallas Plus Size Boudoir

4. I Like a Challenge

Moving onto the more technical side of things, shooting boudoir outdoors is usually more troublesome. In an indoor studio, the lighting is often controlled and diffused, furniture is available for posing, and lets face it, its just more comfortable. You will probably get some bug bites, have a few allergic reactions from the different plants I have you lay in, and if it’s summer, you’ll be sweating to death (thanks, Dallas). Not only will you probably be somewhat uncomfortable, but I face a lot of outdoor difficulties too. I depend solely on what the day wants to give me, whether its overcast, bright and sunny, a bit rainy, or over 100 degrees – outdoors, it is what it is. The more you get to know me, however, the more you’ll see how I love challenges. Besides, the bigger the ambition, the bigger the reward.

Waterfall Boudoir Photo

5. It’s Dynamic

Although shooting outdoors can be a challenge, it’s also dynamic. What indoor studios can become, if we aren’t intentional, is lacking charisma. With controlled lighting comes less chance for a dynamic moment. I love scouting for new locations and finding an uprooted tree with giant, wild exposed roots. I love tall cliffs and expansive fields of wildflowers. The Earth is full of artful backdrops, gushing with electric possibilities. Playing with harsh light and shadows, laying in a pool of water, or interacting with the world around you, creates distinct and compelling images. You can almost guarantee a unique session in nature, because nature is always changing, always moving, and constantly giving us something new to discover. It’s possible that what you may discover in an outdoor boudoir session with me is yourself.

Texas Boudoir Photographer


Five Reasons I love Outdoor Boudoir



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