Moonlit Witchy Portraits Dallas, TX | Afterlight Series

June 16, 2018

The sun, the sister | of the moon, from the south
Her right hand cast | over heaven’s rim;
No knowledge she had | where her home should be,
The moon knew not | what might was his,
The stars knew not | where their stations were


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Afterlight was my first fine art series I created. Something that has always fascinated me was twilight, the hour between light and dark. Capturing the awe and mystery of the moon has always been something I’d longed for. I don’t think I, or anyone, can truly capture the beauty before us in twilight, but I hoped to bring us closer. She is a Norn at nightfall, waiting to decipher your fate.



Moonlit Conceptual Portraits Dallas, TX

Witchy silhouette portrait

Autumn pagan witch with crown

Pagan portraits with sunlight

DIY forest crown


Portrait with berries

Witchy laying down pose

Dark Witchy portrait

Witch with forest crown in woods

Forest photo shoot with crown

Portrait with the moon

Silhouette in black and white with crown

Moody portrait closeup

Holding dress up to the side pose

Witchy portrait at twilight

Weaving a spell art

Royal Lune Studio Dark Portrait Print

Royal Lune Studio Witchy Portrait Print

Royal Lune Studio Dark Portrait Print

Royal Lune Studio Dark Portrait Print with Crown



Moonlit Conceptual Portraits Dallas, TX


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