Denton, TX Off-Beat Elopement | Jessica and Dave

June 16, 2018

If you’ve been following me work, then you know I barely ever photograph weddings. Wedding photography, though a passion for some, is not a passion I personally have. I do, however, love elopements. I love how intimate they are. I love when couples hire me because they love my vision. Jessica reached out to me because she followed my concept work and hoped to have wedding portraits in the same vein. Obviously, I was more than thrilled to hear that. So, I photographed their Denton, TX off-beat elopement. Their friend played the harp, everyone had tattoos, and everything was a party. It was so much fun and the two of them were so chill. Oh, and their wedding was planned on the night of the Blue Moon. How cool is that?

Not only was the event itself such a unique and fun atmosphere, but their event took place in their newly build geodesic house. I was pretty much in awe of their house the whole time I was there. Ultra modern and artsy – the perfect place for them to become a family.

Want to view some of my concept art that caught Jessica’s eye? Click HERE.

Denton, TX Off-Beat Elopement

Geodesic House Elopement

Candid reception moment laughing

Tattooed couple wedding

Grandparent candid at reception

Intimate moments at wedding reception

Sweet wedding reception moment

Harp player at wedding reception

Above prospective wedding reception photo

Geodesic House Elopement

Geodesic House Elopement

Wedding harp player

Bridal party with tattoos

off beat bridal party

Geodesic House Elopement

Sweet moment between maid of honor and bride

Candid moment between sisters at wedding

Laughter at wedding reception

Bride kissing father at wedding

Dog at wedding

Denton, TX Off-Beat Elopement

Denton, TX Off-Beat Elopement

Off beat wedding couple with tattooes

dark and artsy wedding portraits

Moon double exposure wedding

Denton, TX Off-Beat Elopement

Vintage and unique wedding attire

Dark and moody bridal portrait

DFW moody wedding photography

Wedding prism photo

Emotional wedding photo grave

Visiting grave on wedding day

Wedding ring detail with hand tattoos

Blue hour silhouette at wedding

Raise a glass to the new couple

Geodesic house in Denton, TX

Super moon wedding reception


Denton, TX Off-Beat Elopement


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