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April 24, 2023

Aries Photoshoot Concept in Dallas

Zodiac Photography Series by Royal Lune Photo

When planning for this Aries photoshoot, I knew I wanted a darker vibe. To me, Aries signs live life on the wild side and aren’t afraid of their darker side. Not only did I want Aries to have a darker aesthetic, I also wanted to use real fire. Could I have photoshopped fire into the final images? Sure, but I love the way fire looks in camera. I love the texture of smoke and the way it lights up the skin. That being said, I was unsure how I was going to implement real fire into my Aries photo series safely and creatively. After a lot of thought, I decided I would set some faux roses aflame. I absolutely love how these turned out.

Aries Photography Concept

Aries is known as the youngest of the zodiac signs and this is seen in Aries impulsivity. Passionate, honest, completive –  Aries are known to be the most “fire-like” of the fire signs. In my head, I knew I wanted to create a sexy and erotic Aries concept, very different from the signs I have photographed so far. Bonnie did an amazing job personifying Aries and I love how all of these shots came together. Represented by the ram, I knew ram horns were an absolute must. These red horns were the perfect accessory to bringing Aries to life.

Projector Photography Inspiration

If this Aries photography concept couldn’t get any more intense, I had to include some projector shots. Using this little projector from Amazon, I was able to project images onto Bonnie’s body. Keeping to the fire theme, I decided to project flames and lava onto her nude body. Projector photography is very challenging, but I definitely enjoyed it. Overall, this Aries photography concept took a lot of creativity, but it was well worth the effort.

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