Outdoor Boudoir Photos | Boudoir Photography Dallas TX

December 31, 2021

Outdoor Boudoir Photos

Outdoor Boudoir Photos in Dallas, TX

Dreamy Photos using a Soft Focus Filter by Prism Lens FX

Ketesche was a total dream to photograph. When her and I met, I knew we would make some springtime magic. The light on location was so dreamy and the tall grass gave us a gorgeous canvas to work with. We decided to go simple with one back outfit and then a soft white look. For her outdoor boudoir photos, we also decided to get a little creative and use some vines to wrap her in! I love using the elements present on location to create a natural scene. In order to add a soft and dreamy aesthetic to my outdoor boudoir photos, I use this filter by Prism Lens FX. This filter is perfect to diffuse light and soften skin right out of camera.

After we worked in the woods and tall grass, we decided to walk over to a nearby waterfall! Airfield Park in Fort Worth is an amazing park for outdoor boudoir photos like these due to the versatility. The waterfall was a low on water, but we thought it gave us a beautiful backdrop to use. The waterfall area also has some beautiful spots with a willow tree, which of course we took advantage of. I absolutely love outdoor boudoir photography and I could tell Ketesche also fell in love.

See another beautiful outdoor boudoir session featuring my soft focus filter here!


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