Outdoor Boudoir Session Guide

May 21, 2021

Outdoor Boudoir Session Guide

Preparing for your outdoor boudoir session

1) Be ready for the elements

I cannot stress this enough: wear sunscreen. It does not matter how deep your skintone is or how “resistant” you are to the sun, the sun’s rays effect everyone the same. I highly recommend the La Roche-Posay face and body sunscreen. This two-in-one sunscreen has no white cast (perfect for my deep skin-toned goddesses) and lightweight so you don’t breakout or have sensitivity. I recommend applying sunscreen right before you put on your makeup and on your body as you leave the house. Now that you have prepared for the sunshine, it is time to prepare for the insects. Chances are I will have you lay in grass and interact with nature. I recommend applying some insect repellant before your session to help avoid mosquitos and ticks. I always bring an extra an of Deet, so don’t fret if you forget your own bug spray.  Finally, if you struggle with allergies, I highly recommend taking some Benadryl beforehand to avoid itchiness from the ground and pollen. Also, don’t forget your water bottle.


Outdoor maternity boudoir


2) Possible passerby

Although I try my best to make sure the locations we shoot at are pretty secluded, we are still using a public space for your outdoor boudoir session. There is a chance a passerby could, well, pass by. If this is something you absolutely are not okay with, I highly recommend a studio shoot or the rental of an Airbnb with private land. Depending on the availability, The Rivendell venue allows outdoor boudoir sessions with an appointment. No matter what your comfortability is, an outdoor boudoir session is possible, but may take some extra planning so keep this in mind.


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3) What to wear

Planning what to wear at your outdoor boudoir photo shoot can be a bit intimating. I will be the first to say that not every wardrobe look will flow with the vibe of an outdoor session. I usually recommend light neutrals and airy materials. If you think about it, most of the outdoors is a combo of green and brown with the occasional blue lake or colorful flowers. With this in mind, using colors to compliment the outdoors is highly suggested. Fabrics like lace, satin, and chiffon translate very well with nature as well. I recommend avoiding fabrics like cotton and leather as these fabrics are more suited for indoor shoots. Pieces such as long airy robes, sheer dresses, and tulle skirts are perfect wardrobe pairings as well. I currently have many outdoor boudoir wardrobe parings in my client closet. As we plan your wardrobe, I will show you pieces I have that will pair well with what you are bringing. Between both of us, we will plan out the perfect wardrobe for your nature boudoir session. Below I have listed several shops I recommend for buying the perfect lingerie for your outdoor boudoir session!

Outdoor Boudoir Lingerie Recommendations

See my outdoor boudoir wardrobe Pinterest board here!

  • Daisy Lingeries shop on Etsy is perfect for the ethereal lovers.
  • DollksKill has some amazing colorful and editorial based lingerie, in both standard and plus sizing.
  • Victoria’s Secret believe it or not has some amazing items for outdoor boudoir. I specifically love their sleepwear items.
  • Savage X Fenty provides many classic and colorful items in many different sizes which I love.
  • Ebay and Etsy are wonderful places for lingerie treasure hunting. I highly recommend looking through vintage robes, slip dresses, and lingerie for some unique and special pieces.

Click here to read an entire guide on what to wear to your boudoir photo shoot!


Outdoor boudoir session


4) Props and accessories

Outdoor boudoir is perfect for using props. My favorite props are fresh flowers (although I use faux plants from time to time), mirrors, picnic baskets, fruit, seashells – you name it. I love using props to create a setting and feeling for the session. In addition to props, I suggest bringing some accessories like jewelry and headpieces. I love the way some simple accessories can transform an entire session. If you aren’t sure what accessories or props would go best with your wardrobe and session location, let me know and I will help style you. I love when my clients trust my creative control with their wardrobe, especially with outdoor shoot which are usually more challenging.


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5)  Poses

Just like wardrobe, poses are also a little different in an outdoor location. Studio sessions are equipped with furniture and the proper indoor lighting to create a moody and sexy atmosphere. In an outdoor session, we don’t have furniture or access to studio lighting. The poses I choose for outdoor sessions often mimic the outdoor setting I am shooting at. I love using trees as inspiration and having my clients go barefoot in order to be grounded. Outdoor boudoir is a different experience than a studio session and I pose you as such.


Outdoor boudoir session posing ideas


Outdoor Boudoir Session Guide | Dallas Boudoir Photographer

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