Outdoor Boudoir Photos | Film Inspired Boudoir

March 21, 2021

Can we all take a moment and swoon over Rachael’s gorgeous coral hair? She is a hair colorist and it definitely shows. Her hair truly shines in her outdoor boudoir photos she had me take. The way her peach tattoos match her hair brings her whole look together in my opinion. The Lewisville Nature Preserve was the perfect spot for her outdoor boudoir session. The way the park looks in winter is so dreamy. LLELA is so perfect for shooting outdoor boudoir photos as it’s secluded and has a lot of variety.

My style of boudoir is based around haze, light play, and softness.  The wind was blowing rather hard during her session so her eyes started to water. Instead of wiping her tears away, I took the opportunity to create a more emotional shot. Emotional shots paired with grain and haziness creates the perfect combo in my opinion! I generally use filters on my lenses to create the blurred haze effect in my photos. Film photography inspires me so much with shooting boudoir photography. I was so happy when Rachael shared the same love for old film looks. Her outfit and hair was the perfect look to create these film inspired boudoir photos.

Interested in booking Rachel for a hair color appointment? Contact her on Instagram HERE!


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Outdoor Boudoir Photos | Film Inspired Boudoir

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