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April 29, 2023

Best Dallas Boudoir Photographers

Soft and Dreamy Boudoir Session with Roses

I absolutely love how soft and dreamy these boudoir photos turned out. For a few months now, I have had a little studio setup in my spare bedroom and I love how these came out! While this room is very small, I make due by utilizing different textures. One of my favorite ways to add more texture to a shot are fabrics. These gauzy photography backdrops are the perfect dreamy addition to my space. Using pins I decided to drape the curtains in order to achieve a beautiful, dreamy look. Although I am currently in the process of moving and getting a studio space, I will always appreciate this little photo space.

Stephanie and I began her session with a simple rosy-pink set with white roses. It’s crazy how something so simple like adding roses can transform an entire look. Details like flowers are some of my favorite tools when creating dreamy boudoir photos. For some of the laying shots, I had Stephanie lay on a reflective mat to allow light to bounce. This makes the floor look like rippling water and I absolutely love how it turned out. We added some wisteria for extra texture along with the roses. Lastly, we ended the photoshoot with some mirror play. Using both a mounted mirror and a vintage hand mirror, we were able to create some dynamic shots. Mirrors are not always the easiest prop to use, but I love how creative they can be.



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