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February 9, 2023

Wax Play Boudoir Photography Session in Dallas

Nude Photography with Candle Wax

I am so excited to share this wax play boudoir photography session! Wax play is usually practiced within the BDSM as a form of pleasure through mild burning sensations. Although that is the typical “use” of melted wax on the body, it is also a gorgeous display in fine art. I absolutely love the way the wax hardens on the body and how dreamy the soft candle light is. Keep reading to hear all about my process with creating this wax play boudoir session!

Melted Wax on Skin for Photography

Although wax play is a straightforward concept, the practice of attaching candles to the body is an entirely other matter. Before this session with Brittany, I practiced several times to ensure I had the ideal wax temperature and method of getting the candles to stick. In order to attach the candles to her body, I actually used liquid latex! This was a much faster method compared to relying on the wax as the only adhesive. First, I applied liquid latex (safe for skin) to the skin with a paint brush, dried it slightly with a blow drier, and then attached the candles. While Brittany held the candle in place, I carefully poured wax in place to secure the candles in place.

After the candles were secure to her skin, I went ahead and poured additional wax in spots I thought would add to the look. I love the way the wax dripped down her body, contouring her curves perfectly. One of the most frequently asked questions I am asked about this session is the location. For this melted wax photography session, I actually shot it at Brittany’s house in a spare bedroom. I brought black sheets with me and pinned them to the walls to create a seamless backdrop. In addition to the black sheets, I also brought along some fabrics and pillows for textures. I stuck to shooting completely with the candle light with no additional lighting.

Interested in seeing behind the scenes from this wax play photography session? Check out my Instagram reel where I showcase some clips from this session.



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