Pride Month Photoshoot | Dallas LGBTQ+

July 2, 2021

The Pride Month Photoshoot

First off, I want to mention how beautiful the wardrobe was that Mason decided to wear. I had helped them come up with different options,  but ultimately they decided on the pieces. These femme male fashion pieces were purchased through ASOS, which I highly recommend. Their clothing options are wonderful and they had no problem finding items they identified with. I absolutely loved photographing Mason and it was a joy helping them love themselves along this journey of self discovery.

This pride month I wanted to share a beautiful story my client has been brave enough to share  alongside their pride month photoshoot. They have recently come out more publicly and wanted to celebrate with a femme styled photoshoot. Keep reading to hear their beautiful story of finding themselves and how photography has been a tool in their road to self-acceptance. Happy pride month to all my LGBTQ+ friends and clients. You are loved, seen, and supported here with Royal Lune Photo. Click here to read another story about self-acceptance.

Their Coming Out Story

“I’ve always known I was different, but just never knew what it was . Ever since I was a kid I liked playing with dolls and doing “girly things”,  and sadly I was always criticized for it. Being criticized on everything I did made me very insecure about myself and my body. As I grew up I endured more self-hatred and ended up being diagnosed with a eating disorder at seventeen. This made me not want to show my body to anyone and when it came to taking pictures I was always hesitant because of this. After years of holding myself back, I finally stopped giving a fuck what anyone thought about me (it’s a great feeling) and finally came out about my sexuality and gender identity. Meeting Heather and taking pictures really made me feel comfortable in my own body for once. I felt like for the first time, I wouldn’t be judged for who I am. I am thankful to Heather for her gentleness and helping me accept the real me. I’m still on a journey trying to figure all that out, but this pride month photoshoot has been a major part in me finding myself.”


Pride Month Photoshoot | Dallas LGBTQ+


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