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December 28, 2020

The term toxic masculinity has been a trending topic over the last few years. What is toxic masculinity? There are many answers to this question, but I will focus on one major one that I  personally passionate about. Men, like women, are expected to exist within certain parameters. The idea of male boudoir photos for most people is unheard of. Men are not supposed to be venerable. If a man is seen as soft or beautiful, they are immediately labeled feminine. This is the heart of toxic masculinity. Men are not raised to be gentle, vulnerable, or expressive. As a boudoir photographer, it is my job to be a part in destroying this mindset. I hope I can be, even in the smallest way, a part of empowering men to embrace their emotions and beauty.

Zac is a beautiful spirit. Upon meeting him for his male boudoir photos, I knew he was an enlightened being. He spoke with grace and so much wisdom, it truly was an honor getting to know him. We had an amazing time walking through the woods, finding spots at the cliffs edge, and talking the evening way as Gemini’s often do. Photographing Zac was a pleasure and I loved his transparency. My favorite way to end any boudoir session is walking away knowing I gained a new friend.

I hope this blog post has educated you, inspired you, and/or helped you. If you feel strongly on this subject I encourage you to share this post, speak up in your circles, and explore your own opinions sewn into us by society.

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Male Boudoir Photos | Dallas Male Boudoir Photography Session


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