Ten Reasons to Book a Boudoir Session

February 7, 2020

1. Celebrate Yourself

OK, let’s be real. You are a total bad-ass, so why not celebrate it?  Between caring for your family, friends, and/or career – pampering yourself can be put on the back burner. You remember when you were a kid and your parents would bribe you with gifts in exchange for good grades? Why not continue this tradition for yourself. You work so hard and do so much for other people. It’s time to celebrate all your hard work and treat yourself! Here are ten reasons to book a boudoir session with me!


Reasons to Book a Boudoir Session

2. Honor your Achievements

You have done so much in your life. Some of you have made a little humans and your body is literally a miracle worker. You are kicking ass at life: graduating college, creating your own business, climbing the ladder at work – seriously, you rule. Maybe you recently lost or gained weight and you need to celebrate all your hard work. Your victory could be fighting for mental wellness and everyday you persevere is a battle won. No matter where you are in life, you have achieved so much. You deserve to honor yourself.


Reasons to Book a Boudoir Session

3. New Beginnings

We all make goals and resolutions. Whether it’s taking hold of your health, marrying your best friend, welcoming a new child into the world, beginning a new career path, or beginning your journey in self-love, documenting the start of a new chapter can make it feel more real. What better way to honor your new beginning than with self-empowerment? Whether you have met your goal or are just beginning, a boudoir session is the perfect way to start a new chapter with a healthy mindset.


Reasons to Book a Boudoir Session

4. Great Gift

Not only is a boudoir photo-shoot amazing for yourself, it makes a great gift for your partner. Boudoir albums make wonderful wedding, anniversary, Valentines – or “anytime” gift. Next time you are thinking of what to gift your significant other, consider a boudoir session.


Dallas Boudoir Photography


5. Recovery

Let’s get real for a second. Being human is hard. It’s difficult today and it was hard 100 years ago. Society constantly judges us, puts us in boxes, and tells us how we ought to be. Anytime I think of this, I remember listening to Brittany Spear’s song Piece of Me and the lyrics “Shes too big, now she’s too thin”. You are either provocative or prude, a bitch or a push-over, a know it all or a ditz. Seriously, it’s so hard to not feel scrutinized. You are never “too big” or “too thin”, you are yourself, which is beautiful. I mean, no one else is you, but well, you. Many of us, myself included struggle with body-image issues. For myself, boudoir photography granted me the freedom to love myself. Boudoir helped me break free from the mentality that the female body is nothing but a sexual object. The human form is a work of art, yours included. Join me in starting your self-image recovery.


Dallas Boudoir Photographer

6. Document your Journey

I think it’s easy to get caught up in documenting our successes, so we forget that the journey is just as important, if not more important. You know those times you thought about giving up going to the gym, but you dragged your tired feet to meet your goal? Remember when you lied in bed thinking about calling in to work because you are just that tired, but you go, because you know how to hustle? What about when you could not understand why you and your spouse are fighting all the time, but you love them too much not to? Or maybe its wondering why you had kids with all the stress they give you, but then you remember they are the best thing in your whole life. We all struggle through life, one way or another. I always tell myself not to hate the struggle. In fact, “the struggle” is when the growth, the change, and the strength happens. Celebrate the achievements, but don’t forget about the small victories everyday when you decide to not give up.


Fort Worth Boudoir Photography


7. Self-Love

This is probably the most obvious reason to book a boudoir session, but definitely not easy. Being vulnerable in front of the camera is a scary thing, but it’s also very powerful. It sounds like an oxymoron, but there is empowerment in vulnerability. You shed off your clothes just like you shed off your insecurities, holding your head high, knowing you are being 100% yourself. We get tied up wrapping ourselves in clothes, under make-up, behind snap-chat filters – we begin to forget how beautiful being real is. The person our loved ones adore isn’t the facade we all put up, it’s the person under it all. Photos don’t lie and boudoir is as real as it gets. I think it’s time you start to see what everyone who loves you already sees, don’t you think?


Outdoor Boudoir Photographer

8. It’s a Party

On a less serious note, a boudoir is also a seriously fun time. We have a drink (or two), eat snacks, listen to rad music, have some good conversation, embrace our beauty, and take photos. One of my favorite parts of being a boudoir photographer is getting to know my clients and having a fun time with them during their session. I’m a little awkward, tell bad jokes, and sing every song on my playlist, but I promise I’m a fun time.


The Silo Deep Ellum Boudoir

9. Get Out of your Comfort Zone

Unless you’ve modeled before, chances are being in underwear in front of the camera is a pretty uncomfortable idea to you. Believe me, it was uncomfortable for me too. Contrary to what many people would assume, being a boudoir photographer does not mean I have perfect body-image. I get awkward, uncomfortable, and shy in front of the camera, too. I will say, however, that boudoir has changed me for the better. Getting out of our comfort zones helps us grow: it changes our perspective of others and ourselves.


Texas Boudoir Photographer


10. Shift your Perspective

This could be the most important reason to book a boudoir session with me. How often do you look at yourself and put yourself down? Do you find yourself saying things like: “I cant wear that?” What about hating every photo you see of yourself? Let’s put an end to all of this. It won’t happen overnight, but let a boudoir session help it start.


The Lumen Room Boudoir Session


Ten Reasons to Book a Boudoir Session

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