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January 14, 2019

“There was something magical about being surrounded by nature knowing a new life was growing inside me. It was kind of freeing…a feeling I need to hold on to during the last few weeks. “

I can’t tell you how much of a joy it was photographing Kaitlyn’s maternity boudoir session. When she first contacted me, it was nearing the end of fall and she knew she wanted an outdoor session. We knew it would be a cold, December morning the day of her maternity session, but we also knew it would be worth it. You know when you’re passionate and focused on a project you won’t feel hunger or discomfort? That is exactly how we felt. It was cold, especially for Kaitlyn who was barely wearing any clothes, but we got to work creating her dream boudoir maternity session.

“Before finding out we were pregnant, I had been on an intense workout program. I was in the best shape of my life and finally having a little bit of good body image. But as the morning sickness got worse and my body changed, it felt like all that work was for nothing. I felt ugly and gross, even though I knew I was part of something amazing, a little miracle.”

Kaitlyn brought several different outfits and looks for her photo shoot. We started with her white lace dress, combined with an adorable pair of mauve lingerie. Honestly, she looked like a glowing goddess out there in that winter sun. I love using different prisms, effects, and filters in all my sessions to add some artistic flair to them. Throughout her session I used a DIY blurred UV filter to create some dreamy light bleeding.

“This shoot and looking at my pictures helped me put it all back in perspective. The body I had was getting ready for this next step. That same body took on a whole new challenge, the hardest and most rewarding of all, to bring life into the world.”

I usually will bring some pieces from my own closet for clients to wear. Pairing kimonos with lingerie is a look I love to create. I found these two velvet kimonos at a thrift store last year and I knew they would fit the dreamy vibe we were going for, and as a plus, it’d help keep her warm! As the session went on, we both decided that we needed to do a few nude portraits. Her and I both agreed that women nude out in nature is one of the most beautiful things on Earth. It’s centering and the connection you feel with the life around you gives you a freedom high. I love that she decided to trust me with some of these ideas. She is seriously a maternal goddess (I know, I saw goddess a lot).

“I look at my pictures and it reminds me that I am beautiful and what I am doing is the most beautiful of all. Thank you, Heather!”

This dreamy maternity boudoir session at Tandy Hill Natural Area in Fort Worth, TX was one of my favorite sessions I’ve photographed thus far. If you’re expecting and looking for a Dallas Maternity Photographer, consider choosing a boudoir session over a traditional (or in addition to) maternity photo shoot. Be free and let your femininity shine during the most beautiful and raw times of your life.

Shoot me an e-mail to book your own maternity session!

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