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September 20, 2018

I am totally obsessed with this outdoor boudoir session. They are challenging, full of emotion, and always unique. Sunsets are always different, scenery changes with the seasons, and there are always new spots to discover. I reached out to Tess on Instagram in hopes of collaborating together. She is a alternative model based in Dallas and so amazing to work with! We talked back and forth about her boudoir session before deciding on Katie’s Woods Park as the  location. Honestly, we could not have found a better location in DFW.

Getting Started

We started with a draped willow tree near the entrance. I loving utilizing harsh light with deep shadows, so using this willow tree was perfect. It’s amazing how you can use one spot and get two different vibes. Positioning Tess in direct light provided dark shadows and sensuality.

In order to change it up, I then posed her with the sun behind her, which gave us some dreamy, soft light. Being able to use light to create different looks is so important during an outdoor boudoir session. We then ventured further into Katie’s Woods Park and stumbled upon a fallen tree with some forest blooms. You can probably tell that I was excited to find so much variety at this location!

Out to the Water

No lake outdoor boudoir session would be complete without actually getting into the water. I purchased a rustic fishing net in hopes to create a siren-like look. Adding creative props and unique aspects to all my boudoir sessions is something that I love to do. Bringing this net along gave this shoot the creative push Tess and I were hoping for. There is something both sensual and dream-like about Tess tangling herself up in this fishing net. My hope is to use this prop again for future clients!

Tess was so much fun to work with and an amazing human to get to know! Check out her Instagram HERE to see more of her modeling portfolio! She has a lot of great ideas and big dreams concerning art, women, and charities.

Contact me HERE to book your own siren-like boudoir session! 

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Dallas Outdoor Boudoir Session


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