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July 30, 2018

When Bonnie reached out to me about a boudoir session at The Lumen Room in Dallas, I was so excited. The Lumen Room is a stunning natural light studio located in the DFW area. I invite you to visit their website HERE. It’s minimal and modern which I would like to think fits my vibe. Bonnie is a working mother, grinding through life like many of us. Honestly, Bonnie was so easy to pose and open to any ideas I gave her. As a photographer, this makes her a dream client. She’s a queen and I believe these photos are proof of that. I can’t express how happy providing Dallas Fort Worth Boudoir Photography services makes me.

Whenever I deliver photos to a client, there is always a mix of excitement and nervousness. Will they like it? I always hope they see themselves as others do. Personally, I struggle with this as well. Seeing other women react to their photos, however, reminds me to take my own advice. Bonnie messaged me shortly after and told me she was in tears. She felt beautiful and empowered again. Life is hard and being a woman does not make it any easier. Taking boudoir photos, however, reminded Bonnie how gorgeous and sexy she is. This is why I do what I do. Women deserve to feel like queens. Furthermore, my hope is that Bonnie looks at these photos and never forgets that.

In love with The Lumen Room? Click HERE to see another session at this location. Contact me to book your own modern boudoir session in Dallas.

The Lumen Room Boudoir

Hands in Hair Boudoir Pose

Dallas Fort Worth Boudoir Photography

Dallas Fort Worth Boudoir Photography

Dallas Fort Worth Boudoir Photography

Moody Boudoir Photography Dallas TX

Boudoir Pose with Robe

Boudoir Close-Up

Boudoir Session with Fog

Film Boudoir Photography Dallas

Dallas Fort Worth Boudoir Photography


  1. Oh those are absolutely lovely and Bonnie is gorgeous. Love the way you use the light to create mystery and celebrate sensuality and those smoky pictures are soooo paint worthy. Beautiful

  2. Tizzy Says says:

    I love how sexy she looks. It just goes to show that even moms are sensual beings that deserved to be displayed. Great work!

  3. Kesha says:

    Your pictures are stunning. I love the smoke. It alludes mystery and is a wonderful effect.

  4. Elizabeth O says:

    These are great shots! Very tasteful and Bonnie is really gorgeous!

  5. Waren Jean says:

    This is an amazing photography. You really captured her emotions and she is very gorgeous. Nice work!

  6. Daria says:

    This is very beautiful and very feminine. The black and white one i my favorite. Great use of light.

  7. Tiffany Yong says:

    It’s wonderful to see her coming out of her comfort zone and do stuff that she’s nervous about! Thanks for making her so comfortable! Great job!

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