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September 5, 2019

I have always wanted to photograph a boudoir milk bath session and my dreams came true through McKenzie! Technically, however, I did not use milk for this session. Instead I opted for a milky bath bomb from Lush Cosmetics. It was way easier than the typical milk bath session prep and yielded very similar results.

Before hopping into the tub, we opted to take some shots in her bedroom. Honestly, having a few minimal walls, some window light, and white sheets is all I need to photograph an in-home boudoir session. Cute decor is always a bonus, but minimal spaces work just as well. Often times clients believe their space isn’t put together enough to photograph in, but often times removing any room clutter will create the perfect space for your session. I hope you enjoy these dark, conceptual shots as much as I do.

Although boudoir milk bath sessions are quite popular right now, I enjoy putting my own spin on trends. We opted for less traditional posing and went with a more conceptual vibe. Her bathroom had no window light and I solely relied on the overhead lighting. Although challenging, it just proves that again, you don’t need the perfect space to capture wonderful images. Don’t allow your critical eye for your own space ruin the potential it may have. I love photographing clients in their own home, including yours!

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Dark Boudoir Session
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Conceptual Delicate Hand Detail Photo
Dark and Moody Boudoir Photographer
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Conceptual Boudoir Photography
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Boudoir Milk Bath Session
Boudoir Milk Bath Session
Boudoir Milk Bath Session
Boudoir Milk Bath Session
Boudoir Milk Bath Session

Boudoir Milk Bath Session



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