August 6, 2018 / Boudoir

Bri | Lake Boudoir Photos | Grapevine, TX Boudoir Session


If you live in Texas, then you know how hot summer is. During July, I knew I had to come up with an alternative outdoor location for sessions. For weeks I scouted lake locations throughout DFW, trying to find the perfect location. I love rocks and wild landscapes, something that isn’t the easiest to find in the Dallas area. One afternoon, however, I decided to visit Katie’s Woods Park in Grapevine, TX. I had finally found the perfect location for Bri’s outdoor lake boudoir photos. The sunlight was magic, the water a dream – everything was perfect. I absolutely love outdoor boudoir sessions and this lake location is now one of my favorite spots. You can expect to see many more sessions at Katie’s Woods, especially while the Texas heat lasts.

This was the first time I have ever done a shoot containing boudoir and Heather made it super comfortable.  It worked out great, and the pictures came out wonderful! I highly recommend hiring Heather to do your photos if you’re looking for this style!

Bri is such a sweet soul and photographing her was incredible. I love when women are adventurous and willing to climb some rocks, lay on fallen trees, and float in the sea (or lake, but I’ll just pretend). Does this sound like you? Contact me HERE to book your own dreamy outdoor lake boudoir session! It’s the perfect way to cool off this summer.


Outdoor boudoir pose on rock

Outdoor boudoir pose

Boudoir Dallas TX

Sun kissed glow portrait

Moody boudoir portrait lake

Destination Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography Dallas TX

In water boudoir portrait

Dark and moody boudoir water portrait

Ocean boudoir session

Lake Boudoir Photos

Dreamy outdoor boudoir session

Beach boudoir photo session

Leaning against a tree portrait

Sitting on tree trunk in woods portrait

Dreamy water portrait

Sunset portrait at Grapevine Lake

Moody dark beach portrait

Beautiful in water portrait

Lake Boudoir Potos

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