The importance of print

In our digital age, print has all but disappeared. Between all our photos being stored in our cloud to media being streamed, we seldom have any physical copies of the art we love. Although there are positives to our digital lives, nothing can replace a physical copy. Often times we take photos, never to look at them again. They seem "less real" on our screens and the memories the images once gave us aren't around to invoke emotion in us anymore. When we buy a painting for our home, we buy it for the feelings it gives us: joy, calmness, passion - whatever moves you most. More than likely you scheduled your session with me in order to invoke emotions. Whether it's to feel beautiful, to grow intimately with your partner, or signify a milestone, your photos deserve to be remembered. Your feelings of feeling free and beautiful need to be a daily reminder in your life. Not only do my prints offer you a gorgeous piece of art for your space, but it is a daily reminder of why you booked with me in the first place. 

Premium Fine Art Albums are printed with museum grade art paper that can last 100 years. The art paper comes from the German state of Saxony where it has passed the museum collection level IS09706 testing standard and received the prestigious International Forest Stewardship Council FSC certification. Albums make perfect intimate gifts and a private way to display your session on your shelf.

Luxury heirlooms guaranteed to last generations

fine art albums

choose your favorite 20+ photos


decide which color and size best suits your desires


i design your beautiful album


view and approve of your album design (changes are allowed 2 times)


i deliever your new art work to you


gift your new album to yourself or your partner - treasuring it for years to come


step by step 

album process

My standard album is 8x8 in both high end linen and genuine leather. Albums come in multiple colors and sizes for those wanting something larger than the 8x8! All albums have 16 pages (8 "spreads") which allows for approximately 20 photos. Upgrades are available to allow for more photos or spreads to show off those large two spread photos. Images are printed on thick, museum grade German paper and guaranteed to last many years to come. 

choose your favorite leather tone

chooSe your Linen color

Album  Upgrades

extra speads (2 pages) + corrosponding digital images: $250 

Crystal cover:$75 

8x8: $100


12x12: $375

14x14: $500

gold embossing: $50

la Carte products

save up to 35% by choosing a package

1 HOUR: $300 

digital images: $50 per image 

Linen folio box + 10 matted prints: $500

8x8 Fine Art genuine leather album: $850

8x8 Linen Layflat Album: $650

Little Black Book: $350

Arylic block: $200 

crystal usb: $120 + Case

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“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”