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Trinity River Pet Portrait Session | Dopey and Monica


You can tell Monica loves her dog, Dopey, as much (or more) as any person in her life. She is always buying the best foods, providing him with vitamins, giving the finest care, and doting over him at every chance she gets. No doubt it was exciting to photograph their relationship and I hope you enjoy seeing it in their Trinity River pet portrait session.

“On October 25th, 2014 I picked up my best friend. I remember he was the last boy in his litter and him jumping and running over his sisters to get to me. He was such a goofy, silly boy that I knew the name Dopey would be the perfect name for him. Being the first dog of my own makes him especially dear to me. He is the perfect cuddle buddy and is always by my side, through the good and the bad. I hope to have him in my life forever.”

Monica and I happened upon some of the tallest, greenest grass I have ever seen. Obviously I was beyond excited to take their photos at this location. I told her at the start of our session to be herself with her best friend. Dopey smiled the entire time, so happy to be the center of attention with his mom. Every time I would pose them, I’d look at his huge pit bull smile and tell Monica to copy him. His happiness was contagious.

Between prancing through the grass, taking naps, and exchanging hugs and kisses, my session with Monica and Dopey was a joy. I’m convinced if more people loved like Monica and Dopey love each other, the world would be a better place.

girl running with dog in field

Trinity River Pet Portrait Session

girl sits in grass with pit bull smiling

girl kisses pit bull

Trinity River Pet Portrait Session

girl and dog run through field

brown pit bull

girl walks with pit bull

model with pit bill

girl kissing pit bull

Trinity River Pet Portrait Session

girl sitting and smiling with pit bull

Trinity River Pet Portrait Session

pit bull with girl

model walking dog

model walking pit bull

girl hugging pit bull

girl kissing dogs head

girl with her pit bull

Fort Worth Pet Photographer

Fort Worth Pet Photographer

dog waiting for owner

girl in tall grass

dog kissing owners face

girl laying on pit bull

girl sleeping with pit bull

girl with gauges posing in tall grass

brown pit bull

black and white photo of pit bull

Dallas Pet Photography

Trinity River Pet Portrait Session | Dopey and Monica


What a wonderful series! I love the mood you captured!! So full of life! Thanks for sharing.


I love the moody tone with the happy dog! These are gorgeous contemporary photos! I love to see photographers like yourself making pet photography cool!


Oh my god this photos are amazing! Especially of the dog! I love love love this!


Every time I see your work it makes me want to schedule my own pet portrait session more and more! You perfectly captured their bond! Dopey has the cutest pit smile, too!


I think pet sessions are becoming a favorite of mine. you captured their bond so perfectly.

Wow! I have never been able to feel such an amazing connection between a dog and their human though a screen. It actually made me teary eyes. Absolutely beautiful. ALl the FEels! Keep it up!


what a fun portrait session! That big tongue hanging out is the best! You captured them so well!

sarah holladay

this session is so sweet, makes me wish i had gotten more photos with my dog growing up! they’re such a sweet part of the family-and should all be photographed this well! great job!



Sessions with puppies are the absolute best! I love his name, too! You did an amazing job on these portraits for her. Great session, well done!


There is a special connection between a dog and their owner…you have truly captured that connection so beautifully here in these images!! they are outstanding!!


These are BEAUtiful.. I need photos like these with my pets. oh my gosh

what an incredible relationship! this is so beautiful! I just found a picture of my dog when she was a puppy, and then realised I hardly have any images of her! it made me so sad…


These are gorgeous portraits with her pup! She is absolutely stunning, I love your lifestyle posing!


This is the sweetest session. I also shoot editorial pet photography and this is some of the best work I’ve seen- unique and personal- I love it!!

Seriously such an epic pet portrait session! This pup and owner are so perfect for each other. Beautiful shoot as always.

wow this is so cute … almost like fairytale. Love it!


What a sweet pup! I love all the images of them together. I reAlly want to do this with my dogs After seeing this. Great job!

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