October 28, 2018 / Boudoir

Mary | Dallas Yoga Boudoir Photos | DFW Boudoir Studio Photography


Something I find myself repeating is, “there is a reason artists have used the human body as their subject.” The female body has so many beautiful curves and shape – it’s no wonder artists cannot help themselves. I know I can’t.  You can imagine my excitement when Mary came to me for her Dallas Yoga Boudoir Photos at the Lumen Room in Dallas. She actively participates in aerial hoop competitions, which gives her the ability to shape her body in some of the most dreamy ways.

The day of her session was overcast, which gave us some moody lighting in the studio. I love the way window light extenuates curves through highlights and shadows. We had so much fun coming up with some “bendy” poses and sexy looks throughout her boudoir session.

I absolutely loved photographing Mary. Boudoir sessions like these allow so much creativity and I hope to photograph more Dallas yogis in the near future.

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Sexy boudoir pose on bed

Boudoir pose inspiration on bed

Window light on body

Eye contact boudoir pose

Moody boudoir inspiration

Austin Texas Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir portrait with heels

Sexy booty boudoir pose

Boudoir pose with pointed toes

Moody black and white studio boudoir

Boudoir portrait vintage couch

Boudoir Yoga Photo Inspiration

Yoga Boudoir Pose

Dallas Yoga Boudoir Photo Shoot

Laying down boudoir pose with pointed toes

Dallas boudoir model


Dallas Yoga Boudoir Photos

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