One of the first things Rachel mentioned to me when we scheduled her boudoir session was, “I just had a baby.” For her, I know it might have been an insecurity, but for me, I was so excited. You see, I love changing insecurities into confidence. We constantly compare ourselves to other women. The crazy thing is, the women we compare ourselves to, are doing the same thing. All women have “flaws” and inquiries. We have babies. We have busy schedules. The thing is, this is so beautiful. Our bodies show our stories. Rachel brought a baby into the world and her body is showing us that. By the end of the session, I could tell she had her confidence back after her Fort Worth, TX moody boudoir photo shoot. I always ask my clients a few questions after their session for feedback, as well as, to encourage other women to try a boudoir session. You deserve to feel beautiful and empowered.

Boudoir made me feel confident and sexy again. I was completely comfortable during the session. Heather was tasteful, artistic, and good at what she does. Before I saw my images, I knew they would be good, but I was still blown away that I could look that amazing. Others should definitively go for it. This would help so many women with body issues.

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Window light boudoir portrait

Fort Worth, TX Moody Boudoir Photo Shoot

Fort Worth, TX Moody Boudoir Photo Shoot

Smiling boudoir portrait with vintage wallpaper

Warm boudoir portrait with haze

Casual boudoir portrait in black and white

Vintage boudoir session

Moody boudoir details

Laying down boudoir pose on bed

Plus size boudoir session

Curvy boudoir portrait with window light

Black and white emotional boudoir portrait

Floral bodysuit boudoir portrait

Dallas boudoir photographer

Wide angle boudoir portrait

Boudoir detail wedding ring

Boudoir photography DFW

Boudoir portrait with flowers

Implied nude covered blankets boudoir

Covered in blankets boudoir portrait

Moody boudoir portrait window light dark contrast


Fort Worth, TX Moody Boudoir Photo Shoot

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