June 16, 2018 / Boudoir

Experimental Night Boudoir with Projector | Fort Worth Boudoir | Stephanie R.


Stephanie has been one of my closest friends for many, many years. She is also a boudoir photographer and I love the journey we are both on. We both went through a lot of religious suppression together and now we are finding freedom in artistic freedom, together. It’s an amazing experience and going through it with one of the most important people in my life makes it even more amazing. She is kind, selfless, and just a beautiful human. I had so much fun experimenting with my projector with her. This session was both a challenge and a growing experience. All of these photos were shot at night, using only lamp light in my small apartment. It was one of those sessions I wish I had a third person present to take “behind the scenes” photos. Although having a professional studio space is nice, shoots like these prove that creativity is more important. Photography is much more than “clicking a button”. You need a vision, an eye, and an innovative prospective. I love experimenting (quite obsessed, actually) and creating art that is outside the box. I can’t wait to offer sessions like these to new clients who are wanting a different approach to portraits and boudoir.

Boudoir made me feel so free and beautiful! It was an absolute blast feeling part of the creative process and knowing I’d get some amazing images! I was a bit unsure how I would look in the images, but they were absolutely stunning. If you are thinking of doing a boudoir shoot, I say DO IT! It’s such an amazing experience to be yourself, fight back any doubts or insecurities you have, and prove to yourself that you are so much more!

I am so excited to offer sessions with my projector and fog machine. Ready to book your own “out of the box” boudoir session? Click HERE to book your own session with me!


Lamp light conceptual portrait with

Leaf shadows on face harsh light boudoir portrait

Fog machine boudoir portrait with orange haze

Foggy boudoir portrait

Slow shutter boudoir conceptual portrait

Night boudoir portrait dark shadows and contrast

Harsh light and shadows boudoir

Holding strap boudoir pose

Moody boudoir portrait with black tulle

Sexy boudoir detail moody shadows

Editorial boudoir portrait floral tapestry background

Floral backdrop boudoir portrait black and white

Night boudoir session with dark floral tapestry

Boudoir portrait with fog

Girl with tattoos boudoir

Colorful lights boudoir images

Experimental boudoir session with blue light

Blue light boudoir moody portraits

Projector portrait with birds

Unique and artsy boudoir photography

Editorial boudoir portraits with projector

Moody Boudoir Photography in DFW

Dramatic lighting with fog boudoir

Projector portrait photography Royal Lune Photo

Boudoir portrait with flower projector

Portrait with moon projector image

Experimental Night Boudoir with Projector


Experimental Night Boudoir with Projector

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