August 21, 2017 / Portraits

Downtown Fort Worth Portrait Session | Addie


I first met Addie when she was a senior in high school. I was in college with her older brother. We were invited to spend the day over at their house one afternoon to watch movies. A year later she began going to school with us and we were friends ever since. I’m stoked to present her Downtown Fort Worth portrait session.

Addie is very intelligent and strong willed when it comes to the ideals she believes in, which is probably why we’ve always gotten along so well. She’s the kind of person to defend someone’s rights and happiness. Her passion for justice and political change is very inspiring. She’s honestly one of the few people I know who actually fights for change, and doesn’t just talk about it. The world needs more people like that.

We’ve both since graduated from college and are doing different things now. She recently told me she is moving to New York this fall. I know she will thrive and continue to fight for the rights of others, no matter where she is.

I’m glad I was able to photograph her in the city she grew up in before she leaves it. I believe these images emanate how strong and beautiful Addie is as a person, which is my goal for every session I photograph. Certainly, I will miss running into her at Brewed and reminiscing about college, but I am so excited to see what she achieves in New York.

As a disclaimer, she has never modeled before, which I was amazed by. She’s just that cool.

Minimal portrait pose

Harsh light and shadows portrait

Downtown Fort Worth Portrait Session

Downtown Fort Worth Portrait Session

Downtown Fort Worth Portrait Session

Downtown Fort Worth Portrait Session

Downtown Fort Worth Portrait Session

Urban portrait photography pose

City senior portrait session

Dark and moody senior portrait session

Grungy senior portrait

Dark ally way portrait

DFW Senior Portrait Photographer

Fort Worth Senior Portrait Photographer

Senior Portrait Photography Dallas

Fort Worth ivy wall portrait

Ivy covering face portrait

Urban fashion portraits

Downtown Fort Worth Skyline

Urban Senior Portraits

Downtown Fort Worth Portrait Session

Downtown Fort Worth Portrait Session

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Downtown Fort Worth Portrait Session


Love these so much! Absolutely stunning!

ahhhh so cool! i love the B&W reflection shot, so good 🙂

Absolutely loving the use of light in these images. You photographed this session wonderfully!

All of these downtown sessions are SO, SO cool. I love the way you use light.

Wow!!! These are dreamy. I find peace and quiet and a calming feeling when looking at your work. I love your use of light in these! I’m in Fort Worth mainly and would seriously love to meet up or shoot together or literally anything because I admire your work so much!

You are so sweet! Thank you! I would love to do that sometime! 😀

These are all so beautiful and dramatic!! Amazing work!!

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