September 8, 2018 / Boudoir

Brittany | Natural Light Boudoir Studio | DFW Boudoir Photos


Brittany is fellow photographer in the Dallas area who has quickly became a friend of mine. Like many moms, feeling sexy can become a struggle. You put all your time into your little ones (happily so) and less time into yourself. It’s a sacrifice all mothers love, but it’s nice to be reminded of your individuality. Taking these DFW boudoir photos of Brittany was a lot of fun and I loved making her feel beautiful and sexy. Her mauve lacy bodysuit was gorgeous and super inspiring to work with. I also loved the comfy sweater she brought for her boudoir photos. I’m so glad Brittany decided to participate in my boudoir marathon at The Lumen Room in Dallas. The beautiful space was perfect for the dreamy vibes Brittany created.

Heather is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Walking into the studio for my boudoir shoot, I was nervous. As soon as we started our session all of my nerves went away and I had a blast! She helped me feel confident and beautiful. Her photos are absolutely stunning and she gets all of the best angles! My alopecia coming back really threw my self confidence in the dump. This session was just what I needed to feel beautiful again. I highly recommend her and it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are. We’re all beautiful. Let Heather help you see that.

DFW Boudoir Photos

DFW Boudoir Photos

DFW Boudoir Photos

Portrait with eucalyptus bouquet

Framing image with plants

Laying down in plants boudoir

Delicate boudoir photos

Bridal boudoir session

Boudoir portrait in vintage chair

Mauve bodysuit boudoir

Face close-up portrait

Loft boudoir session natural light studio

Boudoir portrait with prism

Dreamy boudoir portrait with flowers

Unique boudoir pose

Fort Worth Boudoir Photography

Boudoir pose with over-sized sweater

Feet propped up on window boudoir

Moody light boudoir

Wide angle silhouette boudoir portrait

DFW Boudoir Photos

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